Gabbi prov

i agreed me and Matt had to talk.  felt as if we shared something strong in the hotel and i needed to clarify that with him. Matt gave me a beer while he was drinking his and all i could do was stare at him at didn't know how to start or what to do.

'' Gabbi sit here'' aid Matt pointing at his lap. nervously i sat on his lap.

'' um OK so you know how i feel don't you'' i said trying to get to the point.

'' i don't know how you feel'' said MATT seriously.

'' i wrote you a note'' i said back confusedly.

'' yes you did give me a note but i would like to hear you tell me how you really feel'' said Matt with his hands around my waist.

'' OK'' i replied getting comfortable. '' so i know that I've been kinda of like your secretary and at home your maid but'' and before i could go on Matt stopped me saying '' you were not m,y maid OK? now you may go on''/

'' OK im sorry but the thing is that's how i felt and then for the first six month i started having feelings for you but you didn't even acknowledge me.'' i stated getting a little emotional.

'' i started trying to get your attention by doing a lot more at work and doing something here at your house''.........'' its also your house gabby '' replied Owen sternly.

            i ignored as if i didn't hear him still going on with my story.

'' but since i started working harder at work you gave me a raise and i felt as if you were paying me to love you or something but since you didn't know i felt i didn't do anything.'' i said

'' gabby you know i raised your paycheck because i felt as f i own you a lot not because of your unknown feeling for me'' said Matt.....'' now you may go on''

'' i noticed that the more time i was working you and more time i tried to talk to you you would come up with an excuse or not come home early.'' i said sadly remembering how i felt those time.

'' some Days i would be in my room at night trying to sleep and i would hear you having sex with other girls and the thing that hurt the most is that they were always different. i stated.

'' gabby i though you were sleeping i never wanted you to feel that way.'' said Matt sadly. i turned in his lap so that my leg was either side of his waist and his crotch was right in front of my flower.

i used my hand and ran it in his hair while i looked up at him. '' did you know how i felt seeing that the love of my life was a player'' i replied angrily. i don't know why but all of the sudden i felt angry i felt as if i was being ignored as if no one knew me.

'' im so sorry Gabbi'' said Matt kissing me hungrily and that got me hot i started grinding myself on Matt junior and all of a sudden Matt picked me up and took me to his room.

Matt ripped my shirt off of me and took of my bra started massaging my breasts and licking and sucking as if there was no tomorrow and that was the same thing he did to my flower while i orgasmed like 3 times.

i stoop up finally getting energy pushing Matt down and taking off his boxers and for the first time i saw Matt jnr he was like 9 inches long damn i though. i put my mouth on his and sucked him like a lollipop.

Matt put me down and grabbed his crotch stroking it while looking at me.

  '' are you sure'' he asked me and all i could do was nod. me and Matt rode each other out till i cummed and finally Matt cummed filling me with his juice.

     '' i love you'' i heard coming from matt and all i could do was reply back'' i love you too'' and in less then seconds i felled at sleep.



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