Chapter 7

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*Ajay Pov*

"I am sorry for being unprofessional yesterday, Sir." She said, placing the coffee cup on my table the very next day.

"You need not to apologize to me." I said, turning to stare at my system.

"Shall I give you a brief about today's schedule?" she asked me ignoring my words.

"Actually, I need to give you a schedule for this weekend." I replied staring at her back.

"Excuse me, Sir?" She asked frowning.

"There is an anniversary function of the top client this weekend. You need to be present along with me as we are going to have a small meeting in the beginning of the function itself." I replied.

"Ok, Sir!" She said, and I looked at her surprised.

"Red is the theme for the girls, and you are my date." I said and gave the news about my accepting the invitation to the client.

"No, Sir!" She said, and I stopped typing to look at her again.

"What?" I asked her frowning.

"I will not be your date, Sir." She replied and started noting down the time and date of the function in her book.

"It is a rule to be there with a date." I said sighing.

"Then I will bring one by my own, Sir." She said walking outside the cabin.

"She will come with another guy?" I asked to myself and frowned more.

"Hello! Can we be there without a date?" I asked the client calling him immediately.

"No! It is our rule Mr.Mehra. What is the problem? I am sure anyone would be ready to be your date." Client replied.

"Right!" I mumbled and hung up. Everyone is really ready to be my date. I thought, shaking my head for my sarcastic thought.

I am sure she will not bring another one as her date, but will she follow the red color theme.

I walked inside the room and saw her sitting on the bed. I smiled and sat beside her and immediately felt her nervousness.

"Red looks really good on you. No wonder it is your favorite." I said, looking at her in pure red Saree.

"I wanted to wear black for you, but Mom said it is not good for the occasion." She said looking at her hands.

"No need to feel shy, Jiya. It is just me." I said, holding her hand.

"I know! But Mom just ruined it by telling some details so just feeling tensed." She said, and I can feel her hand trembling.

"Sleep." I said, kissing her forehead.

"What?" She asked, staring at me for the first time after I enter the room.

"Let's get some sleep." I replied and lay down beside her.

She too followed my suit, but a little near to me. I looked around the small room and the small bed.

"I hope you are fine with this house." I said, placing my hand over her shoulder.

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