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I fell for Luke Hemmings the moment I learned about how he helped Ashton out last night. Ashton doesn't remember much of it, and he doesn't even know how he got stitches on his leg. When I told him that Luke helped him, not getting into the details, he kept quiet and for once, he didn't say anything about him.

What struck me was the fact that Luke had the urge to help Ashton out, despite him knowing that Ashton dislikes him. I know from experience that Ashton is the type of drunk who lashes out and breaks down and that calming him is not easy. I can actually picture the probable struggle Luke went through. But still, he persisted and tamed Ashton enough for him to try and help. Though he didn't know that well how to drive, he decided not to wake any of us up for the sake of our sleep and drove Ashton to the hospital. He ruined his favourite flannel for Ashton. He used his credit card that he's supposed to only use for school to pay for the fees. He helped Ashton without expecting anything in return.

Luke Hemmings is the nicest guy ever. The kind who always stays humble and kind even when people aren't looking. And, he's the guy that made me realize that "the one" could be used in a singular sense, and that he's it.

After dropping him off at his house yesterday, he just straight up went to the front door and went inside without waiting for me to pull out of the driveway like he always does. Before, he wouldn't go inside unless I'm safely out of the neighbourhood. I felt something was wrong with him yesterday. I'm sure Ashton had said something to him while he was drunk, but since I can't get Ashton to tell me what he said because he couldn't remember, I'm left answerless and clueless. Luke hadn't texted me that night until today. But he'd texted Michael and told him that he's sick and that he won't be able to attend the bachelor party.


I park in front of the Hemmings' porch and take out the spare key Luke gave to me. Since I've been visiting so much, he gave me a key of my own so that I could go in whenever. It's not practical, but it shows how much he trusts me already.

"Luke?" I call out. I close the door behind me and start making my way up to his room. It's locked. "Luke, I know you're in there, and I know you're not sick. Tell me what's wrong."

I hear footsteps coming from inside, then he slides a piece of paper in the space beneath the door. Please just go, Eleanor. I'm sick, and I don't want you to get sick too.

I lay my forehead on the door, my heart melting at how precious he is. "Luke, I don't care if I get sick. Just open the door."

He slides another piece of paper over. I can't.

I sigh and sit down on the floor. "Ashton said something to you, didn't he?"

He doesn't answer.

"Luke, talk to me. I hate it being like this between us. We're separated by a door, for cripe's sake. I know you're not sick, okay? If you were sick, your aunt would've texted me. She checks up on you every morning, remember?" I say matter-of-factly.

He tries to slide something under the door, but since I'm leaning against it, it gets blocked so he slides it in the space between the door and the door frame. A small laugh escapes my lips at his persistence. What do you want, Eleanor?

"For you to open the door," I answer firmly.

After a while, I hear the door being unlocked. I stand up and slowly open the door. Luke is standing at his window, his back turned to me, and his posture slumped, as if he's defeated. I walk up to him and hug him from behind, wanting him to hug back too. But he doesn't.

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