Chapter 6

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*Ajay/Mr.Mehra Pov*

Mistress? No Jiya you were my wife, and you can't use such words again about us like never.

I rubbed my forehead thinking how can you even threaten me with such a stupid thing? I can't let you make that mistake not now and not in the future.

I wish I had walked away that day when I told you that we would postpone our marriage until your brother Sahil returns from the states.

Then all this wouldn't have happened at all, and you would have been fine.

"Don't do this to me, Ajay. I can't bear it." Her words, with the sobbing made me stop in my tracks.

She can't cry like this and that too over me. She can't love me this much, and it is just infatuation of hers.

If someone else shows the same care, I have shown her, she would move on from me, but she is crying and that too over me.

I can't let her cry like this. This is all because of that stupid Sahil. He should be here and stopped the wedding, then I could have got the evidence I want to make him guilty, but that stupid fellow is lying somewhere in some country.

Doesn't he really know who am I? He should know about me completely. Didn't Durga say anything about me?

"Don't cry, Jiya." I said, walking towards her and knelt before her.

"Then don't leave me, Ajay. I will do anything you want, but don't leave all this." She pleaded with her eyes, and I slowly hugged her.

"I am not leaving you, Jiya. I am just postponing the wedding." I said, caressing her hair thinking how should I come out of this situation?

"You don't know my parents, Ajay. They already told everyone that I am getting married today and if this is postponed, then they will make me get married to someone else." She said and moved back making my frown to remove from my face.

Maybe she will be safe marrying some other person, but how will I get evidence if I lose the only last chance I have.

I can't let my Durga fail to get the justice. I sighed and said, "We will get married today."

She immediately smiled forgetting about all the tears and hugged me tightly. She continuously chanted 'I love you' to me, but I only wish she is not this sensitive and naïve.

"Ok! I have some work, and I will meet you at the temple like we planned." I said nodding and walked away.

Getting inside this stupid small car with which I have to act like a new business man of a new business, I called my lawyers.

"This should be between us, and the papers need to be ready before the evening and fax them." I said and hung up.

Then I called my Mom's brother and said, "Girish Uncle! There is a change in the plan. I am going to marry her."

"What? But you said you will not." I heard his shock tone.

"Yes! But now that Sahil is not coming today, but he will later, and I really need connection to him to make him guilty of the charges. I think this is the only way." I said rubbing my forehead.

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