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They are just so cute! I really don't like Madison, but I always knew there was something going on between her and MAGCON boys. But if she's making Jack happy, then I'm happy. Plus, the first fanfiction got 250k and this hit 2k! I was so happy. Thanks to Camsbeautyangel cause she's been there from the start.

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When you're my age, and you have a sweet ride, tons of hot chicks who adore you just 'cause you made a wacky video, and you love in NYC, then life's pretty much working out for you.
After arriving home from Jack's place, I headed straight to the mall. Daddy needed some new shades. There were too many shades that were screaming my name, but I only had space for one. So until I make more space, I'd picked two: one for the space on my shelf and the other for my car.
"Can you rank this up please?" I yelled to the cashier while she was on break.
"Sure thing Matt. It's been awhile since we talked." She said ranking my shades.
"I know you?" I said confused.
"Yeah, it's me, Matt. Minnie? Jack's girlfriend?"
"Oh yeah. I remember you. What are you doing here?"
"Well, same as you. I moved here weeks ago because my dad got a new job. This is my first week here at work. But don't worry, Jack promised we'd keep a long-distance relationship."
"What are you talking about? Jack has a girlfriend."
"Yeah, me. I'm sure he hasn't stopped talking about me." She said looking into space.
"You know what?" I said paying for the shades, "I'm just gonna go. It was nice seeing you Minnie."
I felt kids weird that Madison's mom wanted to have lunch with me, but I took it as an opportunity. Even though I never got to bond with her when I was dating Madison, this is probably the closet I can get to her, but I don't want her mother to think I'm using her.
"Cameron, as you know, Madison's father and I are planning on getting married-"
"And I'm very happy for you guys. I'm sure Madison's happy too." I said.
"Well, that's the problem, Cameron."
"Well, ma'am, when we first started dating months ago, she missed you, he couldn't stop talking about you. She just wanted her mother home. And well, there was that break where you started ignoring her calls, her texts, emails and she was worried."
"Im not trying to be rude Mrs. Walters, I'm just being honest."
"And you're right. You're 100% right Cameron. I just need to talk to Madison. She hasn't had the best attitudes lately."
"How is she? Is she okay? How's her and Jack doing?"
"She's fine, they're fine. It's very sweet that you still care for her. But I don't know, Jack's a total sweetie, but there's something about him that I do not like."

Today's kinda been a lazy day for me. After hanging with Jack, I just laid in bed all day, cuddled with my stuffed bunny Jack won me a couple days ago. Jack makes me feel completely different from Cam, although they're not so different. Cam loved me, Jack loves me. But Jack trusts me, Cam didn't. And Cameron knew how I felt, and didn't believe in me.

"Madison?" I heard.

"Yeah Mom, come in."

"Hey sweetie."

"Where have you been all day?"

"I was out for lunch with Cameron."

"You went on a lunch date with my ex-boyfriend?" That kinda a little weird saying out loud.

"Madison, it's not like that, we were actually talking about you."

"Me? Why?"

"We think Jack is a special kid."

"Mom, I'm tutoring him, but that's it. His mental--

"No dear," She said interrupting me, "Special as, we think he's not right for you. We don't know. He's not right for you."

"You can't tell me who date, Mom."

"I'm not. I just wanna make sure he doesn't just walk out of your life, making you miserable and heartbroken--"

"Oh, kinda like what you did?" I snapped at her. Awkward."

"Well," she said moving on, "Did you at least check the package Cameron sent you?"

"Yeah, sure." I said lying.

"Well?" She said smiling. "What do you think?"

"It's okay, nothing special."

"Oh dear." She said frowning, leaving my room.

"Cameron, again?" Mrs. Walters said, opening the door.

"I know it's weird to be here Mrs. Walters, but I just wanted to know if Madison opened my gift."

"She did, dear. And she said it was okay, nothing special."

My heart sank.

"Nothing special? That's the last thing she was supposed to think--I put my heart and soul into the gift, and," I said stopping. "If she really doesn't feel anything, then it really is over for us."

"I'm very sorry, Cameron."

"Goodnight, ma'am."



"Babe, I miss you too." I said on the phone with Minnie. "Don't worry, there's no one who can ever take your place, together forever." I loved that girl so much.


~Author's Note

The chapter's short because I was running out of ideas! I was originally gonna do Cameron's scene about the gift from Mrs. Walters p.o.v, but though it'd be too confusing. Who's still #TeamJack, even though he has another girlfriend living in New York? Who's always been #Team Cam? I feel bad making Jack the antagonist when he and Madison are currently dating, but books follow their own path.

#QOTC! Team Android or iPhone? IPhone 5ever! lol.

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