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Name: kamiko
Looks: shoulder length dark purple hair, orangish-yellow eyes, slender hourglass figure, D-cup breasts, fair skin
Clothes: dark blue ninja shirt (like konans) black booty shorts, ninja flats
Crush: sasori
Virgin: yes
Personality: nice to her friends, slightly stubborn, sarcastic sometimes, impatient but if you get to know her, nice, caring, funny, shy on certain things, though when she's mad... Run, tom-boy
Extra: She's konan & peins daughter, so she looks a lot like konan in a way
"Pass me the leg," sasori asked- or told me, I nodded and gave him the leg. I watched him as he carefully created a tiny puppet. He finally sighed and lifted the price of wood up, showing a little me, purple hair and everything. I gapped and my mouth flopped open and shut like a fish out of water. He smirked and leaned back in the chair with half lidded eyes and handed it to me.
"S- senpai..." I blushed before he signaled for me to actually look and examine it. I blushed harder and started playing with the arms and legs,
"Look Saso- senpai!!! Its dancing!!" I giggled and made the puppet salute. Sasori rolled his eyes
"What did I tell you about calling me senpai?"
"Hey! Don't call me senpai you brat!... Geez your almost a bigger brat then Deidara.." I mocked in a grumpy voice before sticking my tongue out at him. I laughed and lifted a latch on the puppet, making the stomach open and a peice of paper fall out. My curiosity got the best of me and I opened the rolled paper. My eyes scanned over a neatly written message "Kamiko, I love you... You make me feel love, I thought I lost all feelings, but you proved me wrong. I want to be with you forever, will you be mine?" I squinted at it and read it over a few more times before glancing at Sasori. He was sitting beside me, a little blush across his cheeks. I blushed,
"So will you... Be mine?" He smiled at me and I nodded really fast, putting my puppet down and hugging him while dropping my annoying act.
"Of course Sasori, I love you"
"I... I uh.. Love you too" he sputtered.
****Later that night****
I sat in my bed and after a long hour of tossing and turning I decided to pleasure myself. My hands slide down my stomach to my panties, slipping inside to start rubbing my clit. I jumped and stared wide eyed at my door that just got slammed open. The lights flickered on and I sigh realizing that it's just sasori. My eyes widen once again when I see a bulge in his pants, and that my hand is still in my panties. I quickly pull them out as he smirks at me,
"Looks like I'm not the only one who's horny... So you wanna do this or not?" I gulp
"I haven't.. I'm a virgin..." His smirk stays place as he walks over to me, climbing overtop and looking me straight in the eyes,
"Then this will be one hell of a new experience for you," he then leans down and kisses me softly, slowly getting rough. I moan into the kids and tug his shirt off breaking the kiss. He growls and rips mine off as well. We then go back to our make out session. My hands trail over his stomach, tracing his muscles. He wastes no time and unclips my bra letting it slide off before throwing it somewhere in the room. I moan, my eyes opening for a second as his fingers pinched my nipples. I can feel myself getting really wet. I then slide my hand down his pants and start to stroke his length, earning a groan from him as he thrusts his hips. Sasori swiftly takes off all of our clothing and places it near the entrance looking at me for approval. I nod and he shoves it all the way in. Whimpering I look up at him to see him struggling to stay still. Taking a deep breath I nod at him again. He starts thrusting his hips as I squeeze my eyes shut. Soon enough I hear myself letting out tiny moans which made him go faster. I let out a loud moan as he hits a certain spot that feels like electricity passing through me. He smirks and hits that spot over and over again making a knot Form in my stomach.
"Sasori I'm gunna c-cum" I choke out. He smirks digging his nails into my sides and going faster. I scream out in pure Ecstasy as my walls tighten and I cum harshly. After a couple more thrusts sasori cums and takes it out of me laying next to me,
"SASORI!!!! You fucking ass hole fucking my daughter you stupid mother fucking cunt!!" Konan yells before swinging the door open and looking directly at sasori. Sasori's eyes widen and he quickly pulls up his pants before starting to run. Konan yells after him and chases him down the hall. 'Great now everybody knows I just list my virginity' I think covering myself with my blankets... 'Embarassing'

Sorry guys for not updating lately I love you all my little painions!!! I will try to update more but its summer vacation and I'm getting ready for hischool so I hope you understand!

~Pain out~

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