Chapter 5

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Five months had passed since that fateful night Marcus arrived at the Blackburn manor to deliver the King's demand of Jonathan sending his youngest daughter off to the Royal Palace after her eighteenth birthday. Life for the Blackburns and Evelyn has changed drastically since then as well.

Five months was enough time for the news of Evelyn's fate to spread around town and soon, everyone she had ever knew were aware of her cruel fate. Some of her friends looked at her with pity, some with fear, some with envy, but most looked at her with a look of disgust.

Evelyn Blackburn was a smart girl; she knew exactly what went through people's mind when they heard the news of the King specifically demanding the presence of her in his Palace as soon as she turns eighteen.

They knew what would go down in the palace; their imaginations could give them a perfect image of what the King will be doing to Evelyn in his chambers, through the darkness of the night... She would be his whore, his toy, his slave, his victim of dominance and male lust. Her virtue, along with her life would be played in the palm of his hand, and there was nothing that she could do to avoid it.

Most of the Blackburn's family friends were humans, and they shared the same view on vampires as Evelyn's father; vampires were the most despicable creatures ever to walk the Earth... Evelyn knew that everyone who had watched her grown up would be disgusted by her fate.

Some of her friends had even been ever so boldly to question her how had Evelyn managed to seduce the King into wanting her? People talked about the young human girl behind her back, she knew that. She was the centre of their gossip, but never in a good way.

Due to the fact that her father seemed so very proud by the fact that Evelyn was chosen by the King, people thought that it was all a plan of gaining respect and power...

The fact, every week, the King would send a beautiful pieces of jewellery, clothing, art work and a large amount of money to the Blackburn manor, didn't help the controversy either.

Never had any of the packages came with a note or a letter. However, on September the seventh, an extra extravagant set of gifts were delivered, along with a delicately crafted gold necklace with a pendent of a crescent moon made of ruby. The Royal Moon, a symbol that represent its beholder the property of the King and should be respected at all cost. A beautiful white dress and a letter...

'Happy seventeenth birthday my sweet Evelyn, I hope you enjoy the party that your parents had organised for you. I hope you like my gifts and please, wear the necklace at the party tonight, the Royal Moon is a sign that both human and vampires alike knows of. With it on, everyone will know that you're mine, I do not wish any man to even as much as touch you tonight... Not long now, only one more year until we can be together, I hope you are anticipating for the day just like I am my beloved.

Sincerely your's, Zayn.'


"I said I don't want to go tonight!" Evelyn screamed as she picked up a crystal vase filled with water and flowers and thrown it at one of the maids. "Just leave me alone!"

"Miss Blackburn, you have to attend the party tonight, it's your own birthday celebration!" One of them spoke up shakily, trying to convince the ever so stubborn Evelyn to listen to them and start to get ready.

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