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I haven't uploaded in forever, but anyways,Happy Birthday to Whoever out there!   

 Enjoy,This chapter is dedicated to the new Pizza Hut that just opened up down the street,Yum Pizza!!!!    

I'm hungry!    

Chapter 7.      

 "Welcome to Pizza Hut,how may I take your order?"       "Can I have 5 large pies,One with extra cheeses,The second with Pepperoni,the third Hawaiian,and the rest sausage.Oh and 7 Cokes and 1 Sprite please."I answered back.      

The brunette waitress gave me a funny look because I sat alone at a table, and I had just ordered enough food to feed half of the football team.But she complied and wrote it all down on her notepad.    

"Will that be all."she stated not really asking at all and raising an eyebrow.    

I scowled making her flinch back,"Yes, that will be all."    

She quickly scurried away looking back over her shoulder as she walked and swiftly turned back as she met my grimace.Stupid Beach!    

 Pretty soon the guys piled in,with Dylan on their tail.People stared as kyle grabbed two tables-like they were two marsh mellows- and placed them together pushing them towards the table I already accompanied.They each took a chair and sat on them scooting under the tables.    

 "What took you guys so long?"    

"We stopped at the library,to study."Branden answered.    

"You guys in a library,that's bull-"    

 "Watch your mouth!" Dylan said cutting me off.  

 I gave him the stink eye and proceeded my sentence,"-Shit,so what really happened?"  

The guys all looked at each other finally stopping their eyes on Brian.    

"Why me?!" He shouted fixing his koala bear hat on his head.    

"Just tell her!" The guys shouted at him.

"Okay,okay. We were looking for a parking spot and this old geezer cut us off,we tried another spot and this drag queen cut us off next, Mr.Beetlemen cut us off.There was only one spot left and of coarse some dumb blond cut us off,again.Turns out that dumb blond happened to be Ms.Bonet!"

"Noway!"I shouted slamming my palms faces down on the table,attracting attention.

"Yes way! Well as soon as we realized it was her Kyle reversed :right into a dog!"

"really!?"screamed a little girl that happened to have been listening to our whole conversation.

"no,i was just fuck-playing around!" Brian shouted alarmed,waving his arms.

The girl's mother noticed her daughter was talking to a weird boy and grabbed her arm,babbling about never coming to this pizza hut ever again.Ha,good redience!

"So anyway,kyle speed off."Brian finished casually.

" And you said you saw Ms.Bonet?" I asked calmly.

They nodded in unison.

"Wait I don't get it,you saw Margret,so what. you have out of school lunch." Dylan stated.

"Ewww,your on first name bias with that riffraff! And I guess you could say that." I answered.

" Wait,that's sarcasm so you mean 2 tell me I let you all skip school!" he shouted.

" Sir I'm gonna have to tell you 2 keep it down." the waitress said placing our pizza and drinks on the table.

" Well duh didn't you see us cover our license plates when we drove off campus?" I voiced grabbing a slice,like the guys.   "Well I'm guessing he didn't."stated a voice i knew hated so well.  

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