Chapter 6 - And So It Begins

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          I blinked twice, thrice

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I blinked twice, thrice.  Many times actually.  Until my mind registered that I was truly back in my room.  Eriol was still holding my arm, so I yanked it free quickly.  Lucky for me, he released it but I had the notion that he was hesitant to do so.  He cast me a dark look, so intense, so burning that I began to believe that phase one of his threat was on the move.  What else would I think? Of all the places we could go, why in my bedroom right?

But wait, how did we get here in the first place anyway?

"Ho-how did we?" I sputtered, my voiced laced with disbelief.  I wasn't dumb not to notice that something supernatural had just happened.  I certainly don't believe in vampires but I feel that this was the case.  Yeah, me and my brain, and I owe it all to my True Blood and Twilight fangirling.  How crazy was that?!

"Milady, could you so much as explain to me why you are babysitting that pathetic of a man?"  he asked, ultimately disregarding my question.  I stepped backward as he inched nearer.  Still he emitted the jealous aura.  Why was he even jealous?  He was just a butler, not my boyfriend!

"I wasn't babysitting him.  Aunt Marcella asked me to accompany him because he just got a serious stomachache all of a sudden," I answered, slightly irritated.  I don't think that it was compulsory explaining this to him, but it was kind of a reflex I did so.

He scoffed silently. "Serves him right, but maybe I should have used a heavier force. I would have delighted to see him unconscious."

Now that was cold.  Even though I didn't understand what he was talking about, for some reason it raised the hairs in my skin, especially now that his eyes were gleaming murderously.

"What are you talking about Eriol? And more so, you haven't explained to me how we got our butts here in just a split of a second?"

Did I sound too calm? Too accepting with this weird sudden location change?  I hope yes.  Just so that he wouldn't find me weak.  But I tell you, I am not even one slightest bit calm right now.  My knees shook and my palms feel like they have just massaged a seriously gross, oily fat man in a spa.

His eyes turned soft.  His face turned soft.  Exactly not the same cold, I-fucking-don't-care facade.  "Milady, it's complicated to tell you, but you should know that you are safe with me.  Trust who I am."

"Yeah right." I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms in my chest.  "Like I would feel safe with you after that threat in the stairs."

"Hmmm..." He smirked and chuckled.  He freaking smirked and chuckled!  My inner psychologist immediately told me that this wasn't good.  So not good!

"I love it that you remembered my promise, Andrea," he continued, the soft expression he had earlier gone and replaced with that of a perverted, ready-to-fuck face.

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