Chapter 25 - Remember?

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**Sexual content warning! It's not too bad it's just... tasteful. Read onto a certain point and then skip ahead to the stars if you're not down with it.

Loud Places – Jamie XX ft Romy


Chapter 25


"Gabriel, where are you taking me?"

"I've planned something." He said, squeezing my hand as he led – no, dragged – me across to the other side of the beach. The boyish light to his eyes reminded me of our high school selves. "Nobody knows where we are, all of the guards are way too preoccupied to even care to look."

"But what if Zircah needs me again?"

He laughed. "They're all too drunk and hypnotised by Cassiel to even notice that you've gone."

"Don't you find the double standards up here... insulting?" I asked thinking about the way they all drank, ate and talked. Gluttony and greed seemed to be a huge influence and I hated watching every second of it.

"Of course it's insulting but what more can we personally do other than complain? Zircah enforces the rules."

"He only has power here. What about who actually wrote them? Why won't He intervene?"

Gabriel slowed and glanced at me, his smile turning to a small frown. "When has He ever?"

In a way, Gabe was right. If God intervened that meant something was definitely wrong – not that I didn't think something was wrong right now. What level of 'anarchy' did we have to be at before He did intervene?

"Is there no way to, I don't know... ask?" I wondered aloud.

"Maybe there is, but when would we have the opportunity? Neither of us are exactly in God's good graces are we?" He replied. "We'll have plenty of time to discuss this with the others though. We're here."

I paused and looked toward the familiar grounds. I rolled my eyes when he uttered the three words that opened the cave doors: open, obey, provide. It was too dark to make out a lot of the areas so without question, I let the fire consume my hand. My eyes scanned over the areas of the cave. I could just about see the shapes of different items but could make out what they were.

He moved toward me with an object I realised was a candle in his hand and watched him move across the cave, lighting an array of candles on his way. I smiled at the scary amount of candles he'd clearly set up as he continued to light them and then smiled at the thick blanket opposite the fire pit.

Careful of my dress, I arranged the wood in the pit and lit it. "When did you do this?"

"Earlier this evening after your piece. Everyone was too distracted by you to notice me leave. Come to me," Without any ounce of hesitation, I took his outstretched hand. "It's just you and me here. No ears of eyes on us for the first time in over a week." His palms smoothed over my arms and smiled softly. "So if there is anything you want to say to me, say it now."


"Yeah, anything." He chuckled.

I could say anything and for the first time no one would hear or relay it back to any of the guards or elders. "Okay." I took a deep long breath and released it as the first thing that popped into my mind spilled out of my mouth: "Alright. I absolutely, without one ounce of doubt... hate everyone."

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