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Chapter One: Audition 

I pull on my hair again. The nerves are eating their way to the surface. My hair is natural today. I figured that I should show my true self to them. Where would I go being fake, anyways? 

"Stop pulling on your hair. You might ruin it." says my mom sitting next to me. I pull away and feel the chair i'm sitting on stick to the bottom of my thighs. It is so hot out today and the air in here isn't turned up very much. I look around the room and see a majority of California beach blondes. I sick out like a sore thumb in here. After all, I come from a small town in Minnesota. I have a slight tan because it is the end of summer, but nothing compares to everyone else. Why am I even here? I stand no chance against all these girls. I'm seventeen and most of these girls seem to be in their twenties. I have to tell myself that i'm here because of something I've always wanted. To become and actress on a TV show. I know it's very little of a chance, but my mom promised me she would take me to an audition. We got some extra money this month and decided to go on a vacation. When she said we were going to California, I didn't know she wanted me to go to an audition. I've never done anything like this before. I know you have to go to a lot of auditions before you even get a callback. Maybe I can try a few others then. The one thing I am going to hate about this audition is that you have to sing. Sure I love to sing, but I never sing in front of people. This will be my first time. Well, there is a first time for everything. Also, the fact my mom has to wait out here while I go in there alone. I never do anything without her. She is always there for me. 

"Aubrey Edwards, you're next." Says the receptionist outside of the room. 

"Break a leg Aubrey, I know you can nail this." My mom encourages. I walk over and think of the lines that I memorized when I got the book when I first came in. I memorized them in half an hour. My mom said it would look better. Of course I still have the script in case I need to look at it. I think of the song I will be singing. I chose the song "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. I have a very good reason for this song. I have worked so hard to get where I am at. I memorize songs really fast so I know lyrics to any song basically. I get to the door in what seems like ages and It is open. I take a deep breath before walking in and closing the door behind me. I hide my head at first then I look up. There is four people at the table. Two are middle aged females and one is a middle aged man. I get to the fourth and my heart almost stops. It happens to be Ryan, the Ryan Thomas. The famous actor Ryan Thomas. He has brownish blonde hair that grazes his eyes, which are a brilliant blue color. Perfect with his California tan. His hair is only blonde because of the sun here in California. 

"Ryan will join you with your lines." says the woman on the right end of the table. Ryan walks up and stands next to me. I thought I would get more nervous if I ever met him, but I guess he is just a normal person. He starts with his lines. 

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