For Brandi ( who I'm afraid will some day haunt me down with a chainsaw

"A good quote is hard to come by, but when you find it, life become more inspiring and you know it's fate" - unknown

- Viviana -

'I fixed my dress and smiled at myself in the mirror. I looked beautiful I just couldn't believe today was my wedding day.

My dad stood behind the brown doors waiting for me. He smiled as we waited for Fraya and Serena to walk down the aisle ahead of us.

Dad nodded to the organist and we began to glide gracefully down the aisle as the wedding march played. Harry's back faced me alongside Louis who was gawping at me.

He wasn't the only one, everyone was gawping. My mother, my family, the rest of the boys.

I thought I couldn't be happier, that nothing could change how great this day was until that same knife feeling plunged in my guy and I keeled over, panting to the ground.

No one tried to help me but they looked at me with pity. "Poor girl" I heard some of them say "poor Harry" other said.

I shook my head and told myself to get back up but I didn't have the energy. Why wasn't Harry looking at me?

"Harry!" I screamed, my arms collapsing underneath my weight so my cheeks slammed to the floor.

The curly haired boy turned to show his devastated face. A face that would break even the coldest of people's hears.

The face of someone who had been lied to'

Shooting into sitting position I looked around Harry's room in horror. Sweat dripping from my head. Harry lay beside me, oblivious to the dream I had just had, snoring loudly as I panted heavily.

I winced slightly at the memory and wiped the sweat from my forehead. Then I lay down again knowing there was no way I was going back to sleep.


"Are you sure your family don't mind me coming I mean I barely know them" I asked worriedly, fidgeting with my hair in the car mirror.

Harry reached across from the drivers seat and pressed his hand on mine.

"Actually they specifically said they didn't want you to come but I though it'd be funny"

I scowled at him.

"But seriously Haz, what if they think what I'm wearing is too inappropriate? oh god it is isn't I mean are you allowed show leg at a christening? Harry turn around I need to change"

Harry sighed and looked at me as we stopped in traffic. "Would you stop worrying! You look great, they'll be so happy to see you great"

Unsatisfied with this I huffed in my seat.

It had been a week since I'd had that terrifying dream and a lot had happened. One major thing being Harry's cousin Georgia inviting us to her sons christening.

I had had decided on an outfit I was slowly regretting. White linen shorts which faded to pink at the bottom and a matching linen blazer along with a tucked in pink tee and matching studded toms.

It had been quite a bold

Choice but I'd found that Anne had a very unique taste in clothing and she had helped me pick it out.

My hair was pulled back into a high pony and I was taking complete advantage of the sun by wearing my favorite pair of pink Ray-Bans.

What can I say, a celebs girlfriend has to look fab at all times?

The church was a short distance from Harry's house. We arrived on time to meet all his relatives in the car park and I felt like part of the family greeting them all.

After a short service I found myself chatting happily to a few of Harry's aunts.

"It's so great to finally meet the girlfriend, I've never heard Anne so chuffed!" Louise said patting my arm as Joanne and Carmel agreed.

"Thank you, it's lovely to meet you all too! I've heard a lot"

I politely sipped on my vodka and coke.

"Oh well Viviana dear hopefully now we'll get to see you both more often, he's just so busy. Are you from Britain, you're very dark?" Carmel asked pouring more wine.

Another stab reminding me how little time he spends with his family.

"Yes I'm from Framlingham, but my mother is italian" I laughed a bit too loud "Well Harry's off now and I love it here, I'll be bugging him to take me back all summer"

His aunts laughed again with me and then Louise cleared her throat. "Are you studying Viviana or working?"


"I ehm..."

"Sorry can I have everyone attention"

Harry's voice echoed around the room saving me from telling his aunts some massive fib about why I'm not studying or working.

The room turned to see Harry nervously pulling on his suit coat behind a microphone.

"Eh well Georgia asked me to sing for you all so I think em ill get started"

Harry smiled at me and fixed his hair, sitting on a stool next to a guy with a guitar.

He cleared his throat again "this song is called kiss me by Ed Sheeran and it's dedicated to a very special person here today"

Wolf whistles and hoots made me blush as I stood intently watching him begin to sing like a god.

Settle down with me.....

.... And your hearts against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck...

.... I'm In love now, kiss me like you wanna be loved....

.... I was made to keep your body warm...

I'm in love now....

Silence filled the room as he finished, his voice stunning everyone. Never had I ever heard something so beautiful.

I swallowed deeply hoping to hold back tears. Tears entwined with hundreds of thousands of reasons.

A moment passed and then at once the room burst into applause, standing up to show the impressed looks on their faces.

Harry being modest just nodded and left the mini stage.

Music began to play again in the room and things returned to normal. I smiled as Harry walked across the room towards me.

"What you think?" He grinned

I slipped my arms around his shoulders and stood on my tippy toes to kiss him sweetly.

"That a good enough answer I asked?" Winking at him as we clinked classes.

"Yes but..."


"I have one more

question for you"

Our eyes met and we stared at each other, both thinking different things. Then Harry smiled that crooked smile that drove me crazy.

"Move in with me?"




I don't even have anything say


Caps lock is fun


- Abbie ;) xoxox

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