Chapter 8

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The days slowly passed after that with nothing new happening. Louis and I still couldn't sit at the kitchen table together without throwing each other dirty looks, and mum and Troy were obviously growing tired of it. Especially mum, since she desperately wanted all of us family members to get along.

Gemma and Louis hadn't talked very much to each other that I knew of, and I guess that was because Gemma was aware of everything Louis had done to me, so she was a little cautious when it came to him. And Louis probably saw Gemma as someone that was related to me and, therefore, decided he couldn't get along with her or something. Not that he absolutely despised my mother though, but you could clearly see that he wasn't very fond of her either by the look he had in his eyes whenever she spoke to him. I didn't know if that was exactly because of me though, because it seemed to have more meaning to it, a meaning that was deeper than the hatred he had for me.

However, Louis had slowly started accepting the fact that we were now step brothers. Well, at least he had told me it was okay for me to tell Liam about it, which was a relief. My best friend had practically been nagging holes in my head, asking me who my step brother was and why I refused to tell him. I would usually only try to change the topic, but it was hard to do so because Liam and I told each other almost everything, and keeping this kind of a secret from him was not an easy thing to do.

His reaction had been something I wouldn't forget anytime soon. It was priceless, the way his mouth had formed an 'o' and his eyes widened in utter shock. He'd repeated the words 'You can't be serious' probably at least ten times before I had slapped my hand over his mouth to make him shut up. He had been speechless all day after that, only telling me for the first time when school was finished how bad he felt for me because of it. His sympathy was really appreciated, even though I told him it was okay. At least Louis hadn't done anything worse than normal yet.

I also made Liam promise not to tell anyone about it because Louis and I wanted to keep it a secret since everyone would most likely freak out if they found out that the school's most popular guy lived with me, a boy who was classed as a nerd in some people's eyes, or just a 'normal' boy in others'. It was only partly a lie considering I knew that would most definitely happen, but Louis and I hadn't made an agreement not to tell anyone. He was the one who had told me not to, and I didn't want to explain to Liam how I sometimes had a hard time disobeying his orders when it came to these kinds of situations. It was just too complicated.

I knew for a fact Louis hadn't told anyone that we were step brothers, though. I didn't know if it was because of what he told me about him being afraid of his friends finding out, or if it was something else. Something told me there was more to it, like for instance what I just mentioned about everyone freaking out over it. I was positive that was one of the reasons he wouldn't tell anyone. After all, he had a reputation to keep up, just like he did two years ago when we were friends.

At the moment, I was changing into my sports gear, getting ready to attend my last lesson of the day, P.E. It was the Friday I had promised Ed I would go to the football game he had later in the afternoon. To be honest, he hadn't shut up about it all week, reminding me every day how happy he was that I had finally agreed on going to one. If I remembered correctly, though, he hadn't asked me that many times before, but I decided not to bring it up. The main thing was that he was happy I was going to be there, and that was all that mattered.

Through the corner of my eye, I could see Louis pulling off his black shirt while talking to one of his friends. His six pack was a sight I had been getting quite used to witnessing lately since he almost never bothered putting on a t-shirt in the mornings when he came down to eat breakfast. It wasn't like I enjoyed it, but I couldn't deny the fact that six packs on guys were very attractive.

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