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Y/n pov

I sat on the bench, trying not to cry. "Aw, look at the little stupid bitch! ALL bruised and broken! Haha!" Around eight people surrounded me, all taunting and easing me. I had no friends, all ended up being bullies. I finally had enough, I jumped up, shoved one out of the way, and ran to my house. I opened the door and walked in quietly, creeping up the stairs. "Where do you think you're going!?" Did I mention my dad abuses me? He growled and walked in, holding a belt, blood still on it from my previous beating. "U-Um..up t-to my r-room." I said quietly. He growled, "Not until Your beating!"

=skippy skip of beating=

I laid on the ground, blood pouring out of the wounds. My dad left, probably to get more beer... I got up, crying slightly. I stumbled towards the back door. I'm done. I'm running away. I know that if he somehow finds me...I'll definitely die. II  had to hurry, before he gt back. I didn't bother grabbing the little amount of things I had. Nothing was important and it would just weigh me down. I opened the door, shutting it and ran towards the woods. Even though it hurt, I ran faster. I heard shouts behind me. I threw a glance over my shoulder, my dad. Fuck. He looked strait again and ran faster. after a few minutes, there was a horrified scream, it cut of suddenly. I looked over my shoulder again, stopping when I seen my dad wasn't there. I starred for a while, he couldn't just disappeared.  I screamed as a bloody dropped a few yards away from me. I hesitantly, and slowly, walked up to it. It was..my dad? Blood gushed from huge claw marks running across his body. I stepped back slightly, what the hell could have done this? *thump* I froze as something land behind me. I turned around slowly. A boy stood there, he had large wings and a tail. His...his claws were covered in blood, as well as his mouth. His mouth was slightly open, revealing blood stained sharp canines. His glowing purple dragon like eyes starred into my fear filled E/c ones. He didn't do anything; I didn't do anything...we just..starred at each other. I started to take a step back, but remembered the corpse was still there. He looked behind me, spread his wings, and shot into the air. Leaving quickly. I turned around, another man stood there. He had glowing pure golden eyes. I stepped back, a little scared of the toothy evil looking grin he had. "Well." He started, "I see you met Enderlox!" I stepped back again, hitting something. I looked over my shoulder and seen the same dragon hybrid from before. Before I could even do anything, he grabbed me and put me behind him, glaring at the other man. "Sky." He hissed. Okay. At this point, I'm just confused as too what is happening. I'm assuming the glowy dude is Sky and the dragy dude is Enderlox. I stepped back slightly again, should I run? Sky chuckled, "What is it with you and hating me? I'm not gonna do anything to her.....except maybe this!" I screamed and fell to my knees as soon as he said that. A burning pain shooting threw my body. Enderlox gasped and look at me, then at Sky. He snarled loudly and shot at him, next thing I knew, a whole fight broke out. The pain was thankfully gone. I was still on my knees, watching the fight. Sky was using a golden sword, and Enderlox was using his claws. Sky looked badly damaged, while Enderlox had a few scratches and a deep cut in his shoulder. Enderlox slashed his claws across Sky's face one more time, and he fell to his knees. 'Y-You win th-this time, Enderlox, b-but I will have that girl!" Sky snarled and disappeared. Enderlox turned back to me, "Are you alright?" I nodded slightly, both terrified and amazed at what I just seen. He held his claw out, was he helping me up? I hesitantly took it, and he pulled me up, careful not to scratch me. I looked up at him, "Wh-why did you do that? Um, kill my...dad..and all." He looked down at me, "He was going to kill you. I know men like that, I know how they think. And for the bloody battle you just seen, Sky isn't aloud to touch you." He growled softly and pulled me against him. I was surprised, why was he doing this? I asked him. He responded with, "You don't deserve this kind of life. You deserve better." That made me smile. "Come with me?" He asked, holding his claw out again. I looked at it. "I'll take you away from here. Away from the pain. Away from the bad people." I smiled again...and I grabbed his hand.

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