Author's Note

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My Argentine adventure began on on September 10, 2009. After a 10 hr flight I planted my feet on Argentine soil for the very first time. The series of events that happen in the book are completely true and began happening within just a few weeks of my arrival in Buenos Aires. My first trip was from Sept 09 - March 2010. After a transitional time in Canada, I returned to Buenos AIres in Oct 2010 for a 9 month stay in the barrio of Boedo.

During my first trip, I was witness to the awe and wonder of what was going on within the Argentine church. Centro Cristiano Nueva Vida (CCNV) is a church with more than 30 000 members all across Argentina and is led by pastor Gulliermo Prein. In the city of Buenos Aires, there are two main branches......Centro which is located on 683 Florida as described in the book and another one on the ourskirts at 280 Agaces.

Before leaving in March, I made a promise to the church members two things.... firstly that I would return to finish what had been started in the 6 months that I had been here. And secondly that I would find a way to tell the story of the Argentine church to the rest of the world. As promised, I returned in October to finish what has been started. In writing this book, I am also fulfilling my second promise to the church to tell their story alongside mine and Marisa's.

This isn't just my story or the church's story or Marisa's story. This is also the story of the Argentine culture and people, a story that deserves to be told again many times over.  One story flows into another story and becomes part that story and like the Argentine tango, we all become connected together and make up one story.....the story of "Argentine Eyes".  ( websites are  in spanish)

 Dedico este libro a mi querida Marisa.

This book is dedicated to Marisa, the woman who's eyes turned my world upside.....

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