A Prince, A Frog and A Shoe

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This story is written with a specific limitation to each sentence, can you find it? 

Hint: There are exactly 26 sentences in this story ;)

Another girl from the infinite line came to dance with him, her lips so red and wide the prince feared she would swallow him whole. Barking out a laugh, she clutched his arm painfully, batting her eyes and then whispering into his ear, "My name is Cinderella."

Cinderella? Did she really just say that or had the endless line of plumed and gowned women waiting to dance with him finally gone to his head? Evening air rushed in from the open balcony doors, and the prince breathed in the scent of roses and fresh rain- after the vapid Rapunzel and squeaky Snow White he didn't know how mush more he could take . Frogs croaked in the night, their deep resonance contrasting with the whining cacophony of string instruments filling the ballroom. Guiding the grinning woman across the dance floor, the prince gazed out into the night, wondering if he might slip away for just a moment but then making the mistake of looking into the eyes of his current partner. Her nails dug further into his skin and her smile widened. In a moment the song would end and she would be replaced but yet another mindless fool and the tedious dancing and small talk would begin again.

Just as the last note wavered, he had a sudden inspiration. Keeping a steady smile on his face, he dropped his voice and whispered into her ear, "Come walk with me in the garden." Lightning seemed to have frozen her bubbly upper lip and owlish eyes. Motioning for her to follow him outside, her eyes and mouth fell open like a dumbstruck goldfish as he led her past the furious faces of women still waiting to dance with him. None would follow them into the garden as long as he brought whom everyone assumed would be the next princess. Only now he would have to rid himself of his current tedious company.

Peaceful rhythms of crickets and frogs greeted them as they walked into the night, the chatter and light of the ball fading under the trees. Quiet strips of moonlight fell in patches, lighting up some flowers and darkening others while the prince breathed deeply, happy until the creature next to him opened her mouth and didn't stop.

"Really, I never expected you to choose me or this to happen or for it to just feel so wonderfully right. Silly how these things happen isn't it?" Trying to ignore the endless drone, the prince turned off the path, making his way towards a pond the recent rain had made muddy, stopping only when the girl let out a sudden shriek as her foot sunk deep into the mud. Unanchoring himself from her arm, the prince sighed as the girl screamed and thrashed through the mud, becoming progressively dirtier until she resembled nothing more than a common scullery maid.

Very distantly the palace clock began to count out the hour and on the twelfth strike the shrieking girl finally rid herself from the mud and fled screaming back towards the palace, leaving her shoe behind. Wishing he would never see her again, but realizing he would probably be forced to announce their engagement tonight, the prince suddenly beheld a strange frog staring at him, who even more strangely opened his mouth and began to speak!

X-raying him with luminescent eyes, the frog said, "For the payment of one glass shoe, I will relieve you of all your burdens". Yanking the abandoned shoe from the mud with a satisfying squelch, the prince quickly placed it next to the frog, overjoyed to have found his savior, but suddenly shocked to find the trees growing taller, his skin thickening and growing damp, his legs folding, his eyes bulging out of his head and a glass shoe of enormous proportions rising up to meet him until he sat in the chest-high grass with a giant of a man before him who picked up the muddy glass shoe and said down to him, "I shall return this to the maiden who lost it."

Zipping away though the mud, the prince reveled in the strength of his legs and the freedom of the night, wondering how long after meeting Cinderella would the frog-turned-man come back begging for his former life, and whether or not he would be there to greet him.

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 Didn't find the limitation? Here's one last hint: Look at the first letter of every sentence. 

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