TenRose and Dresses

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"Doctor!" Rose yelled from the control room.

The Doctor replied, "Rose! Where are you? I can't find you."

"I'm in the control room, and how much Earth money do you have?"

The Doctor walked into the control room.

"Depends on what you are buying, because I might have it here."

"Ok then Doctor. Take me to the room with all of your dresses in it."

"Ummm... Let's go shopping instead, my Rose Tyler."

"I knew it Doctor! You don't have any dresses in here!"

"Well I do," the Doctor said, "but not from your century." The Doctor shrugged.

"Well let me see them," Rose demanded.

"Ok, but don't blame me for what you see."

The Doctor took Rose's hand, led her down a hallway, turned left, and went down another hallway to a room that Rose has never been in. The Doctor opened the room and Rose's jaw dropped. There were rows upon rows of dresses from any point in time that you could think of and beyond. They were also every color. Name a color, and there were thirty dresses in that color. Rose just stood there in awe.

"So what do you think," the Doctor asked Rose.

Rose just stood there with her mouth open. The Doctor put his hand under her jaw and closed it for her and laughed.

"Are you ok Rose?"

Rose stood there for a second and then looked at the Doctor.

"Doctor. I am not ok." Rose turned and started running down the isles of dresses and screaming to the Doctor random stuff about the dresses.

"You are like a kid in a candy store, Rose. But I only have three dresses from this year. Do you want me to grab them and have you try them on. I think they will fit you."

Rose came out of the isles with armfuls of dresses.

"Oh. I am way ahed of you, Doctor."

"Well let's go then! Allons-y!"

The Doctor walked towards Rose and grabbed the dresses from her so he could hold them and Rose could choose the one's she wanted to try on.

"And this one Doctor." Rose pulled out a long dress. It was silver and had lots and lots of ruffles. The top has a strapless, sweetheart neckline. Around the stomach area, it was a see through fabric with lots of sparkles.

"Oh my gosh Doctor. Where did you find this."

"Look on the tag, my Rose. I labeled what year it is from and what planet I got it from."

"It's from 2034 and it's from Earth. I am looking forward to that year." There was a pause where Rose looked a little more at the dresses in that area. "I think I'm done Doctor. Let's go try these on!"

"Good," the Doctor said through all the dresses he was holding, almost dropping. "Can you carry some of these? These things are heavy!"

"Sure Doctor. Now let's go to my room so I can try these on."

"We aren't going there. I have one more surprise for you, but you will need to close your eyes."

The Doctor led Rose by the hand to a runway that was in the room full of dresses. In the back there were changing rooms where Rose could change.

"Three, two, one, and open!" Yelled the Doctor.

Rose stood there in awe again. She took the dresses, kissed the Doctor on the cheek, and ran up the steps to change into the dresses. About five minutes later, Rose came out in the long, silver dress.

"Fantastic! You look amazing Rose!"

Rose twirled and almost fell off of the runway. They both laughed.

"Now it's your turn, Doctor. What dress, from the ones I picked out, do you want me to try on next."

"How about that short, light blue one from 2011?"

"Ok I'll be right back. Don't move," Rose said to the Doctor.

The Doctor didn't listen to Rose. He went back to the dresses to find one for Rose to try on.

"Doctor! I told you not to move!" Screamed Rose.

"I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming," the Doctor said while coming out of all the dresses.

"Now that is a dress for you, my Rose Tyler. It fits you perfectly and you look great in blue."

Rose stood there in the short, light blue dress from 2011, blushing.

"Rose. I have a dress for you," the Doctor said confidently. He pulled out a long, simple red dress from the 1980s. It almost looked like a Marilynn Monroe dress.

"Give it," Rose said poutingly.

The Doctor gave Rose the dress and ran off back into the dresses. When he came back, he was dressed in a black tuxedo with a black bow tie. He stood at the end of the runway to make sure Rose could see him when she walked out. Rose walked out and both of their jaws dropped. Rose smiled and walked towards the Doctor. The Doctor started walking towards Rose also. They got to each other and hugged each other. The Doctor lifted Rose up off of the ground, bridal style, and spun her around. He put her down and the Doctor kissed Rose. They both felt like they were in a fairy tale. It was perfect. The Doctor pulled away from Rose and they were touching foreheads.

"Rose Tyler, you are beautiful in every single way."

"And Doctor, you are the best man I have ever met, and can I say, you are a cutie in that tux." There was a pause where they just looked into each other's eyes, the Doctor's hands around Rose's waist and Rose's hands on the Doctor's shoulders.

"Guess what Doctor?"


"We won't need to buy any dresses for at least 4,000 years."

They both laughed.

"And guess what?" The Doctor whispered.

"What?" Rose whispered back.

"I love you, Rose."

"And I love you too, Doctor."



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