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***Persphone's P.O.V

I could hear my brothers growling at each other, I groaned. Could they let me sleep for 5 more minutes. I thought as I turned in my bed, I pulled the covers over my head trying to block out the sound.

   Today I was about to start my freshman year at the high school next to our pack'a territory. It was on neutral ground, so any and everyone could attend; vampire, werewolves, witches, warlocks, elves, and banshees and everything inbetween. And they did, it was one of 4 school in America that was all for intergreation of speices. It even allowed hybrids like herself.

And yes I just said pack's territory; I am a half werewolf half vampire hybrid. My father is the Alpha of the Shadow Crescent Moon Pack. My mother is the vampire King's youngest daughter.

Many normal people would think that the pairing would be unconvietional, but it was acyaully one of fhe most normal pairings besides same species pairings. Persephone thought groogily, her and her brothers are examples of the product of those pairings.

I quit turnung in my bed when I heard my name being yelled.

"Persephone, get you mangy butt up and get ready for school" my oldest brother shouted, being next in line to be alpha did not help my case as his alpha command was getting stronger by the day.

I sighed and got up to take a shower...

---15 minutes later---

I picked out my black skinny jeans and my navy blue long sleeve shirt that says "I bite" and my black vans. Simple yet cute. I thought as my long curly red hair refused to be tamed. She poured in the mirror, it wasnt faur. Why did she have to get her mothers curly hair and not her dad's straight hair. It wasn't fair, she thought as she grabbed her black backpack and began heading to the kitchen.

My dad was reading the paper when I gave him a kiss on the check and walked to my mom. "Morning Princess," my dad said grining at me, I smiled I couldn't help it my dad could always make me smile, when all three of my brothers walked in smirking at me. "Come along little one we have to go," Zeus said, smirking.

I groaned and stomped off, not before grabbing a gronala bar from the counter, "bye dad bye mom love you guys" I said calling over my shoulder and headed to the black hummer that was waiting.

I jumped in when my brothers followed. I was silent the entire 20 minute drive to the academy.

Her  older brothers were talking about a back to school party they would be attending this weekend and about the girls they would try to hook up with, she had to keep from scoffing.

They were bring dogs, but she couldn't really blame 2 of them seeing as they were more wolves than vamps as the wolf gene was stronger for them. The third one she could though. She thought cattily. 

She had zoned out after that, when she finally saw the huge cathedral like building.

Students milling in and out of the large building, she was going to start the first year of her high school career, she felt excited yet scared. Hopefully she didn't embarrass herself,  she didn't think she'd ever live it down with her brothers or her pack.

She took a deep breath and allowed herself to calm, hopefully she had atleast one of her friends in her class. She thought as her brother parked the hummer and allowed them to get off.

Persephone steeled her spine and closed her emotions off. She couldn't show weakness, not here. Not with rival pack children present, nor with other supernatural beings.

It maybe be neutral ground, but pack wars were still a thing, yes they were united for the most part, but wolves were petty creatures by heart and not even hunters could bring them from hurting eachothers for the littlest slight.

She was the daughter of one of the strongest Alphas and a princess of vampire royalty, she would show decorum and strength. She would be awe inspiring, she wouldn't falter under pressure. She thought to herself, she could do this!

*** A/N

I decided to write this cause I'm in highschool and wanted to make it fun lol cx well I hope you like it :D and I was hoping y'all would like it ;3

Edited: January  8, 2019

Yeah. I hated how this had came out but I was like 13 when I first wrote this, so please forgive the terrible writing. I'll try to be better. And I'll make them abit longer. I had such high hopes for this story.

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