58 - Love In My Blood (part 2)

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My eyes fluttered open finding a dark and blank room staring back at me.

I noticed that I was on a bed and that I wasn't tied up or anything which made me suspicious.

My mind was blank as I tried to remember what happened and I froze remembering the cold blood eyes and the sharp fans that had gazed over my skin.

I couldn't have seen the man's face clearly in the dark alleyway last night and I don't know what to expect right now.

"you're awake " I heard a voice stating from the other side of the room , I could see a shadow in front of me making me blink surprised at how fast he moved .

As my memories came back, I remembered what he told me before passed out .

"Vampire " He whispered harshly before sinking his teeth in my neck.

I shuddered at the thought my eyes meeting his cold red ones his teeth coming to sight.

"what do you want from me ?" I asked him trying to be brave but failing miserably .

A flash of light lit up the room allowing me to see his face .

He had light tan which was weird for a  vampire since vampires are usually as cold from touch to sight.

His hand came up to my face caressing my cheek making me shiver.

"w-what are you doing ?" I asked him again and he chuckled darkly as he saw the fear in my eyes.

"don't worry you will know soon." he grinned showing his sharp white fangs.

I tried to push him away by hitting his chest with my fists , but in vain , he was stronger than me .

He pulled me to him both arms tightly around me not giving me the chance to slip away.

I hit his chest harder but it only made the punches come back to me.

He gripped me tight his eyes boring into mine.

I felt hypnotized , not able to look away from his blood red eyes , finding them beautiful for an unknown reason .

In one swift motion his lips had crashed down on mine making me kiss back immediately , something in my mind telling me that it was right .

And I had a feeling that it was right too. 


Part 3 tomorrow .

I'm writing chapter 5 of One Girl Three Boys . right now because it's due today.

qotd : what's your hobbie ?

ans : writing / art / read / songwriting . ( I used to play the beautiful game called football.) 






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