Zelda laughed. "Figures," she scoffed. They took a step forward and a plethora of golden brown pastries came into view.

"There weren't many guys there," Imogen bemoaned.

They reached the counter and a guy in a flour covered apron stepped up to take their order. His hair was a sandy blonde with a boyish curl. A lopsided grin formed across his face when his eyes met Zelda's. "Can I get something for you girls?" he asked, laying on the charm.

Zelda ordered a croissant for herself and two cinnamon palmiers for Imogen.

"Coming right up," the shop attendant replied. He made a point to flip the tongs before tossing their treats into a paper bag with a flourish. Zelda paid him and accepted the bag from his outstretched hand.

"Come back soon," he called after them as they headed for the door. Zelda gave him a little smile over her shoulder before stepping out onto the street. She handed Imogen the palmiers and wiped her sticky fingers on her jeans.

"He was cute. I think he liked you." Imogen wagged her eyebrows. "You should ask him for his number."

"Nah." Zelda picked off a layer of the croissant and plopped it in her mouth. "I could never date a baker. I wouldn't fit into my jeans!"

"Fine then," Imogen chirped. "Where to?"

"Books!" Zelda said with a little skip. She didn't have to look at Imogen to sense the eye roll.

Near the high outer wall of the castle grounds, they found a book shop on a sloping cobblestone side street. Zelda's pulse raced when they entered to the sound of the bell above the door. The place just smelled like old books. She resisted heading to the fiction section and got directions from a bespectacled clerk to where the magic books were kept. Imogen headed straight for the brightly colored magazine rack near the register.

In a dark corner of the shop, Zelda found the section labeled "Magic Arts" and pulled out the list of books required by Madame LeBleu's for fourth-year godmothers. Advanced Charms. Advanced Potions and Brewmaking. Magic Ethics. She placed them one on top of the other until the pile in her arms nearly toppled her. Zelda moved through the maze of bookshelves with her stack of precariously balanced tomes until she found her way back to the front of the dim and dusty shop.

"Another GIT, I see." The old shopkeeper smiled as he saw the titles Zelda placed on the counter.

Zelda nodded at the familiar nickname the locals used for a godmother in training. Most people knew a girl from Madame LeBleu's by the periwinkle collared dresses and navy berets they wore on formal outings, but few people bothered with magic books unless they had the gift themselves.

She glanced over at Imogen who had her nose in a tabloid emblazoned with the headline "Leo Madness" and a picture of Prince Leopold, son of Olisand's sovereign King Theodore. Imogen's rounded eyes scanned the pages hungrily before she caught Zelda's gaze.

"Don't give me that judge-y look!"

Zelda laughed and threw her hands up in defense. "No judgment. I just don't get the Leo Madness." She put air quotes around the words Leo Madness.

"He's dreamy," Imogen sang, clutching the glossy magazine to her chest. Leo's blue eyes peered over Imogen's arm at Zelda.

"I've lost track of how many boys you find dreamy," Zelda teased. She handed the shop owner a few bills for the books and waited while he counted out change.

Imogen held the magazine up to her face. "Come on, Zelda," she said in a deepened voice and pretended to be the prince and heartthrob. "Even you can't resist this smile." She placed the magazine atop Zelda's pile of books. "She wants this too," Imogen told the clerk.

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