Leo Madness

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Zelda didn't sleep well

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Zelda didn't sleep well. In fact, she hadn't slept well in months. When she woke with the morning light, Imogen was asleep face down atop the covers of the opposite bed. The journal Zelda kept to pour her thoughts into so she could sleep still rested on her lap. Careful not to wake her slumbering roommate, Zelda grabbed her towel and headed for the showers. She was the only fourth year awake at this hour. As it seemed, most of the others had gone out their first Saturday back.

The bathrooms in Madame LeBleu's dormitories were always kept impeccably clean, and this morning was no exception. The black and white tiles and brass fixtures sparkled like they were brand new, and Zelda had it all to herself. After a warm shower, she headed back to her room to dress. She tried to keep quiet but the drawers of her ancient armoire creaked when she opened them to pull out a light sweater. Imogen stirred in her bed and lifted her head from the pillow.

"G'morning," she mumbled before pulling her pillow over her head.

"Hey, sleepyhead," Zelda whispered. Imogen moaned from somewhere in the downy depths. Zelda ruffled her dark, wet hair with a towel and sat down next to Imogen who still wore the red polka dot dress she had worn the night before. "I'm going shopping if you want to join?"

Imogen poked her head out from the pillow. Her eye makeup was smeared across her cheek. "Yes!" She jumped from her bed and grabbed her own towel to shower. "But you are buying breakfast," she added before bolting for the washroom.

Squeaky clean and with wet hair pulled back into matching french braids, Zelda and Imogen passed under the arched entry to Madame LeBleu's School for Godmothers. They headed for the nearest cable car stop and hopped on the line that carted city dwellers to the Castle District. The girls sat silently among the morning commuters, still wiping the sleep from their eyes. It was only September third and with the sun out, the streets were invitingly warm.

The cable car slowed as it entered the narrow, historic streets that surrounded the castle. Zelda, Imogen, and a host of tourists got off at the next stop. The girls followed the sweet smell of freshly baked delicacies to the nearest bakery and ducked inside. Even at eight in the morning, the line wrapped around the shop and they found their spot at the end.

"How was the band?" Zelda asked as they inched their way toward the counter and the glass case full of sweet goodies which smelled even better from inside the shop.

"So good. Dante wasn't there...in case you wanted to know." Imogen shrugged.

"Oh," was all Zelda managed to say for a moment. "Why should I care?" she said, wrapping an arm around her waist, which suddenly felt hollow. "I'll see him eventually and when I do, it'll be him who's sorry he let me go. I won't even give him a passing glance." At least she hoped she wouldn't.

"Good for you. He was a jerk." Imogen craned her neck to see what was left in the bakery case. "But let me see... Josephine Connelly was there but she was dancing the whole time so I didn't get to talk to her. Willa Bradford and Susan St. Germain stopped in and sat in a corner booth with their noses in the air for a half hour, then left without talking to anyone."

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