Behind Reita's Pants

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Once upon a time, a cute little guy named Ruki happened to be thinking very hard about a subject that probably didn't really matter, but it did to him! He had a friend, taller than him (of course XD) but their hair color was the same. He was the GazettE's treasured bassist, Reita.

Now, after a while, Ruki got curious as to what lay behind the all the cloth that his best friend wore.

"Ne, Aoi-san, what do you suppose is behind Reita's cloth?" The chibi's other friend Aoi, a tall, gorgeous, raven haired man sat beside him and curled his beautiful lips into a mischievous smile. He knew what Ruki was talking about but he noticed that the chibi didn't know quite what to call it, so he helped him out a bit.

"Well," he began, "I don't think there's anything there in the first place." Ruki's eyes widened.

"R-Really?" He questioned whether or not Aoi was telling the truth but the raven had a serious look in his eyes, so he had to be telling the truth. Right?

"Or maybe, it's really small." The smaller gasped.

"No way!" Aoi grinned inwardly. His little trick was working and the reactions his victim gave him were priceless!

"Or maybe it's so big, it could pop out at any moment! I'm actually surprised Reita can keep it covered."  As of now, Ruki didn't know what to believe anymore. Was it big, was it small, or was there just not anything there at all?!

"Do you want to see for yourself?" He asked and Ruki shivered uneasily.

"I dunno Aoi-San, I think your explanation was good enough." But the little Aquarius really wanted to see it!

"I think you do. Follow me and I'll show you."


"Nope, you're going to come with me." Ruki gave up and followed Aoi out of the break room in search of their target. The pair made their way down the hallway very quietly and sneakily to the studio where Reita would be minding his own business, recording and not suspecting a thing.

 A few rooms down, the door was cracked open slightly, letting light and the familiar sounds of a bass guitar flow out.

"Shh. This is it." Whispered Aoi. 

Ruki gulped. He hoped it wasn't too terrifying. 

The taller of the two slowly pushed the door open a little more allowing them to slip in unnoticed. The unsuspecting target was found chilling out and strumming his bass in a flurry of melodic chords.

"Perfect. He doesn't suspect a single thing! Muahahahaha."Aoi laughed as quietly as he could. 

"Aoi-san, you wanna see it to, don't you?" The raven gave him an incredulous look. "Of course I do!" Now it was Ruki's turn to give him a strange face. "Why?"

"Because I need to see what I'm going up against! I've never seen it before either."

"But didn't you say that your's is already big enough?" Ruki asked him with big eyes and Aoi scratched the back of his neck nervously. "Well.... I might have some sort of complex with it so this'll probably make me feel more at ease?" Ruki didn't get it. He thought Aoi's was perfectly fine! Beautiful in fact, and very nicely shaped.

"Okay. We need a plan! I'll hold him down, and you pull them off. Okay?" Ruki nodded. It was now or never.

The two walked in casually, trying not to look suspicious while looking at their target. Reita noticed them and placed his bass down with a smile then got up from his seat. Once the dirty blonde stood up, Aoi walked behind him very quietly and winked at Ruki, who was standing on front of the bassist.

"Yo. Whats up guys?" he asked but before he could get any closer to Ruki, Aoi yelled, "Now!"

"What? What Are you guys-" Reita couldn't even finished his confused statement when Aoi dragged him over to the nearest table, almost slamming him down on his back and holding him there.

"Now Ruki! Take 'em off!" Ruki gulped and watched as Reita struggled, but to no avail. The chibi leaned forward and let his hands wander to the cloth in question and slowly pulled them off in anticipation. Aoi also leaned forward to catch a glimpse of what was slowly being revealed.

"Oi! Guys! You can't just take off my-"

"Shut up Reita." Aoi hushed as Ruki pulled them off all the way and stared at the thing he's wanted to see again since the first time he'd been allowed to. 

"Wait a-"

"It's perfectly normal!"

"In fact, it's actually very pretty."

"Guys!" Ruki and Aoi froze.

"Give me my damn noseband back!"


 XD I hope you enjoyed!!

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