Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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*Mikey's POV*

"Hi, Maya!" I shout and run into the living room of the lair and she smiles as she makes eye contact with me.

"Mikey," she states and keeps her bright smile I just love.

"Mikey," Raph says in a cold tone and smacks me upside the head. Why does he keep doing that?

"All right, well, I have to go," Maya explains and leaves the lair without another word. No goodbyes or see you laters, just gone.

"Does anyone else wonder where she goes when she leaves?" Donnie randomly asks and the three of us turn towards him and he shrugs. "Haven't you wondered where she lives?"

"That thought never crossed my mind," Leo admits and turns off the TV to get full attention into our conversation.

"Well, maybe she lives in another part of the sewer?" I ask and Donnie shakes his head.

"Why don't I just make a GPS tracker and put it on her shell the next time we see her?" Donnie suggests and Raph steps closer to him while shaking his head.

"Donnie, isn't that sorta like stalking? Most people don't like getting stalked," he explains and Leo nods in agreement.

"Yeah, I mean, why don't we just ask her? She's nice. I'm sure she'll tell us," Leo states and I nod along with everyone else.

"Fine. My GPS tracking will be a back-up plan, right?" Donnie asks for reassurance.

"Sure," Leo responds as Master Splinter walks in.

"My sons, I don't think there is anything good about Maya," he explains and I feel confusion build up inside me, but Raph is the first to speak.

"What are you talking about? She's the nicest turtle I have ever met, Master Splinter! How can you make that assumption?" Raph snaps and everyone turns towards him and he just shrugs angrily. "Well?"

"Raphael. She is not the type to make friends with. Who do you think her sensei is? The only person I can think of is the Shredder. This is New York. Who else would teach a mutated turtle ninjitsu?" Master Splinter silences everyone.

"Well, I guess the Shredder would be a good guess, but Maya doesn't seem evil at all, Master Splinter," Donnie breaks the silence.

I'm extremely confused. How could Maya be involved with the Shredder at all? She doesn't seem like the evil type. She's so sweet. And her bandana color is pink. Pink. That's not an evil color. That's a color a girl wears when she's sweet and innocent. Not someone who's evil.

"Donatello. You of all the turtles should've guessed the Shredder was behind this," Master Splinter retorts.

"We could ask her?" I suggest then realize how stupid that sounded.

"Yes, because she would tell us if she was evil," Raph responds sarcastically.

"I forbid you guys to see each other ever again," Master Splinter states with a serious tone.

"But-" all of us say at once but he's gone. We can't see Maya again.

"Dudes, what are we going to do?" I ask. "What if Maya tries to talk to us and we can't respond? She'll be hurt."

The other dudes just shrug.

*Maya's POV*

As I stand before the Shredder, he looks down at me.

"Maya," he states as my head is facing the floor and I'm on one knee. "You've failed again."

"I can't find them anywhere, master," I lie and he nods as I look up at him feeling more helpless than ever.

"Look harder. If you don't have these turtles here by next week, I will get them myself," he threatens and I stand up. I head to my room and begin playing video games to think. I have to get them here. Maybe I could say I was trapped by the Shredder and they needed to save me. Then, maybe the Shredder will get them. It won't technically be my fault.

What to do, what to do.

I wish Mikey were here to play video games with me. I would have someone to beat and laugh with. He was so humble when he lost and when he won. I just love him for that.

I turn off my video games and start training on a practice dummy in the corner of my room. I wish Raph were here to train with. He could give some tips on my fighting stance. So I stop that as well.

I start working on a crossword puzzle in an activity book. I wish Donnie were here to help me. Some of these definitions I don't know. So, I close the book and turn on the TV.

Space Heroes is on. I begin watching it, but I wish Leo were here. I turn off the TV quickly and decide I guess I should just sleep. That'll definitely get my mind off of all of this.

I slip under my covers and stare up at the ceiling. I'm tired, but I can't sleep. There is too much on my mind and I just can't focus.

So I just lay there. I stare at the ceiling and hope the time passing would make me want to sleep, but of course, no luck.

I can't escape these feelings whatsoever. They're surrounding me.

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