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Honestly, I love me some Gravity Falls. To be quite frank, this is the one of the few good series that Disney put out since Phineas and Ferb. (Besides Wander Over Yonder; anything by Craig McCraken is gold to me. XD) I have only seen a few episodes (yeah, kill me later) so I don't want any spoilers in the comments.

Speaking of which, you know that the Google + Gravity Falls community has? SPOILERS. And not in a "Oh-its-that-one-random-thing-that-happened-in-one-episode" kind of thing. It's more of of "OH HERE'S A PIC OF THE RECENT EPISODE AND I'M GONNA TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT" type of posts.

To those people, I would love to give a smack in the face. It's rude and moreover, it's being inconsiderate for those who haven't watched it yet. A "SPOILER ALERT" tag should do for the ones who watched an episode and discuss whatever happened. Because of this, I found out about....Bill.

Just. WHY?!

Oh well. That's inevitable in every fandom but yeah.

Onward to the fandoms. THE SHIPPINGS. You know where I'm going with this.

Let me put to you straight. Dipper x Mabel is incest. FREAKING INCEST. Ouran High School Host Club made fun of this with Hikaru and Kaoru for crying out loud. The ship with Dipper and that triangle Bill doesn't make any sense to me. Like WTF.

And long story short, there's a reason why I don't read Gravity Falls fanfic because the fandom is insane.

*sighs* Well, that was short. Oh well. I tried. I had more to say but thanks to parents being parents, I lost my train of thought. I might update depending on whether the fandom doesn't ruin it for me first. In the meantime, comment and/or vote if you liked it!

And what else would you like for me to rant on? Comment below and let me know! Sayonara! :D

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