Chapter 48: Boys are violent, girls are even bitchier

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Next morning I brushed my teeth and had a quick shower and changed into my harem trousers and a black tank top then went and sat on the couch downstairs.

Brushing my hair this morning had been hell. It was sore where Jade had held her death grip on it so I left it down and un-styled my bangs and rather than tying it up.

I was watching TV when mom came in all ready for work in her pink scrubs "Katrina why aren't you ready for school?"

"I'm not going in today"

"Why not?"

"I don't feel up to it"

"If this is about what happened yesterday then you know you'll have to face her sometime, if she even comes to school after what you did to her" she said the last part almost to herself.

"I don't care about that; I just don't want to go. If you make me go I'll just walk out and that will definitely get me suspended" it was a threat and she knew I was serious.

She sat beside me and took the remote control from me "Do you have any plans or are you going to sit in front of the TV like Robbie did?"

"I might do some sketching" I hadn't drawn anything in a while now; my life had been pretty chaotic lately.

She patted my arm "You're not your brother Katrina, there is no need to rebel"

"What I did yesterday had nothing to do with rebelling, she just said something that got to me and they shouldn't have"

Now people at school would think I was even more of a crazy person, when I said people I just meant Reed. I still hadn't spoken to him and he'd stopped calling me so I think he got the message.

Mom stood up "Ok then but I want you to do something productive rather than just sitting there" then she left for work.

It was around lunch when someone rapped on the door and I figured it was the cleaners although they had their own keys and they would have used the doorbell.

When I saw who it was, I was surprised but hid it quickly "Hi" was all I said.

His tone was strained when he said "Hey" I had no choice but to move and Reed walked in.

"What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in school"

"So are you" he countered very calmly which was unexpected, I'd figured he'd be pissed off with me.

I didn't feel comfortable with him seeing me without my makeup on. Sure he'd seen me a couple of times without it but it had only been briefly so I hid behind my bangs and chewed my lip. Yeah, even Katy Ellis got insecure.

"What do you want?"

He frowned deeply and narrowed his eyes "What do I want? Are you serious?" his sounded very annoyed but not angry, he was standing so close that I could smell his musky after shave and his face looked freshly shaved, I wanted to touch his face but I didn't.

I didn't say anything and he spoke again "I want to know why my girlfriend is ignoring me for no reason I can think of. We were fine yesterday and now you're blanking me, what's going on?"

This was hard to say but I'd spent all last night thinking and this was the only way I knew how to stop myself from getting hurt even though it hurt now "I can't be your girlfriend anymore"

He was completely taken aback "Why not?"

"It's just not going to work"

"Give me one good reason why it won't"

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