Chapter 1

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Hi, This story is based in London, England. So some of you won't know the slang, tv shows/channels, food, culture, shops, music but I doubt there will be much difference in that department including movies.

Hope you in enjoy this!!!!:) please give me your views and ways to improve if there are any.



Who would have thought that there would be a Zombie Apocalypse. Everyone would of thought that I was crazy if I told them that one would happen a couple of days ago.  The apocalypse started right in the middle of London. Just like the plague in 1665. I don't know which was worse. The plague or the apocalypse but since I don't know what the plague must of felt like or been around that time, I would say that zombies are much worse.

The zombies aren't like the ones you see when you are watching them with your friends. No these zombies are much worse than them. One thing you need to know is that these zombies are smart and very tactful.  The zombies in moovies are always slow, dumb and never seem to decompose because they are dead. These do decompose obviously otherwise they wouldn't be called zombies if they weren't dead. Anyway, I've seen how these zombies work. The always work in groups of 2 or more. It is rare to see any alone.  The only thing hollywood got right about zombies was how they were so slow with exceptions. I wouldn't want to run into a zombie Kelly Holmes.

The apocalypse started when scientists were making experiments on humans to see if they could make people immune to disease and flu. But it went disatrously wrong. One of their human experiments escaped and went on a rampage killing an infecting people. People would get infected if they were so much as scratched or bitten they would turn if they manged to get away. In 24 hours they would become a zombie if they like it or not.

You might be wondering how I'm still alive but it was hard work. My dad, mum, little brother and sister might have already turned into zombies by now. I hope they are careful and have enough food to last them untill this blows over.

" Come on, mum, dad we have get out of the city", I begged. But they wouldn't listen.

" No sweetheart, I know you think thats best but we should just stay here in the house", she replied. Why wouldn't she listen to me? Oh, I forgot to mention but zombies have a really good smell mabye it was better than dogs, I didn't know and I idn't really want to find out.

" Dad, you've got to listen to me please just do what I say, just this one time," I begged again to my dad.

" Sorry but we can't afford to run with your brother and sister and we've got so much food in the cellar", Dad answered. My parents went on a mad free shopping sprre when they found out about the zombies. 

I had tried my best to persuade them but they wouldn't listen. I knew I couldn't afford to waste anymore time. So the next day  early in the morning, I packed a back pack worths full clothes. I didn't fold them cause I would be able to get many in there if I did that. I rolled them like wraps. It was summer so I only put my rain coat in. I put 5 t-shirts, 2 vest tops, 2 jeans and one tracksuit. I only took one pair of trainers which i was wearing. They are  my favourite which were Nike Air Force 1 low.  I wore jeans, not too tight other wise I wouldn't be able to run away if I needed to and I knew I would need to. I put a couple of tined food inside  and 3 bottles of water which I knew wouldn't last me long. I would have to raid a shop or supermarket. 

I was ready to go.