Chapter 5

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*Jiya Pov*

For the first time I woke up with complete silence surrounding me. Then I remember that Mom and Dad went to our town to speak to him.

They are going to be very disappointed, or she is going to be so disappointed. Why did I change the thought about Dad? No! He is also going to get disappointed. My brother is still favorite for these both and believes he is not guilty.

But Dad behaved differently right during these four months? I shook my head to put a stop to the thoughts. I will not trust anyone in my life, and that's final.

I should put a stop to this right? I considered glancing at the blade while washing my face. I am not weak! I chanted to myself and walked outside, surprisingly not touching it.

"Good morning!" Receptionist said cheerfully and made me glance at her for a few extra seconds with a doubt in my mind but not on my face.

"Good morning!" I mumbled and walked past her.

I was in the elevator and saw a group of girls entering it. They were continuously talking about the new mall and shopping they did there.

"I am feeling so nervous along with excitement Ajay." I said while selecting my wedding Saree along with talking to him in my phone.

"Just chose the simple one Jiya." He suggested.

"Why?" I asked him pouting even though he can't see it.

"Well, you look beautiful in any type." He replied making me blush.

"You are too sweet Ajay." I said, hiding my blush in the mall.

"Jiya! We are required to buy so much. Put that phone aside." Mom scolded and I hung up saying 'I love you'.

"Excuse me?" I came out of my thoughts when someone called me.

"Yes?" I asked her.

"What is the exact time?" She asked.

"My watch is not working." I replied, looking at my ribbon watch.

"Then why are you wearing it?" She asked rolling her eyes.

"My wish!" I replied in a stiff tone.

I can't remove it even though it is not working as it hides all my marks below it. If anyone knows about them, I am sure I will be sent to some psychiatrist.

They shook their heads and walked outside when the elevator stopped at their floor. I walked to mine and saw that I am little late again.

I walked into the coffee room thinking 'Where is this obsessed girl?'

After making coffee, I walked inside the cabin knocking on the door to see Ms.Rose standing near his table as provocative as possible holding a file.

"Your coffee, Sir." I said, placing the cup on his table.

"Now that she is here. Get your doubts cleared with her. Next time, do not enter my cabin without a reasonable point." He barked at her.

"But Sir..." She said with tears in her eyes.

"Shut up and leave." He barked again looking as irritated as possible seeing the tears.

"Shall I tell you about the schedule, Sir?" I asked him after she left.

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