"Get up now."

The teenager was awoken from her unpleasant sleep by the harshly spoken words just as she felt the thin blankets covering her body be ripped off of her. A shiver ran down her spine from the sudden chill that ran through her, the young girl forcing her eyes to slowly open to see the morning light creeping in from her slightly parted curtains. She drew in a deep breath, not wanting to take her eyesight away from the window and face the person she knew was in the room.

"Don't make me tell you again."

Against her better judgment, the teenager's eyes shifted away from the window. Her head lifted a bit to look over her body towards the foot over her bed where she saw Ken'ichi standing, his arms crossed over his chest and a frown on his face. Haruna knew that Ken'ichi never did like mornings and she knew he certainly couldn't be happy with having to be the one to wake her from bed. Despite the angered look he shot the teenager, that was not what was making an unsettled feeling settle in her.

"Now, now, Ken'ichi, that is absolutely no way to wake a child from bed."

Haruna darted her eyesight away from the doorway she could see behind Ken'ichi, refusing to look at the woman who now made her way into the room. Her body instinctively curled itself into a tighter ball, ignoring the shots of pain that went through her as the bruises on her legs rubbed together, further irritating her skin. However, nothing could ever make her body feel worse when she felt the gentle touch of that woman's hand on her skin.

"It's time to get up, Haruru," Madoka cooed to the teenager in a sweet voice that sent pangs of disgust through Haruna. The only relief came when Madoka's hand left her skin, the sound of footsteps walking a few feet away from where she laid coming after. "Come on, Ken'ichi. Let's give Haruna a few minutes to get dressed."

"You had better be dressed by the time we come and get you." The small warning was the last thing Haruna heard before she heard the bedroom door close. A small sigh escaped the boss' lips, her arms pushing her weary body up from the mattress she laid on. She groaned slightly, feeling the pain searing in her legs but doing her best to ignore it. She knew if she failed to get ready for her first day back at school there would only be more pain to come for 'disobeying' her aunt and uncle.

Gradually, Haruna pushed herself off the bed, her legs shaking as the weight of her thin frame pushed down on them. She rubbed her eyes lightly, one of the thin straps holding up her white tank top sliding slightly down her arm as she did so. Haruna shook her head, pushing it up and forcing herself to move forward.

She could feel the cold morning air the seeped in through the barely opened window, hitting the bare skin that the tank top and small shorts failed to cover. It wasn't the most ideal thing that Haruna would want to wear with them around but it was something she had practically been forced into. Madoka had become determined to control every aspect of Haruna's life, including her clothing. She hadn't been left with much choice in clothing from what Madoka had ended up taking away from her over the last few days.

Haruna did her best to push the thought into the back of her mind, becoming aware of the mixture of anger and pain that was slowly taking over her body as she recalled the torment over the last week. A low growl escaped her throat as she reached out, grabbing onto the navy material of her uniform skirt and ripping it off the top of the dresser, knocking off a music box that had been sitting next to it and the remaining contents of her school uniform.

The brunette exhaled a steady breath, gently pulling down her shorts, wincing as the material brushed past every possible marking that could be on her thin legs. She nudged the garment off with her feet, trying to slide the skirt on much quicker in hopes that it would curb the pain she felt from the brush of material. It was just like ripping off a band-aid. Perhaps if she did it quick enough, she wouldn't feel as much pain in the initial moment.

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