Chapter 10 The Arrangement

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I stood from the sofa bed that Carlie and I are sitting on in my room to face the person I can't wait to meet with past couple of days. I didn't mind what Carlie was saying to me. I turn the knob and open the door.

"What are y----

My words were caught in my throat.
And the words that I have prepared in my mind suddenly faded away at the sight of the two. I don't know but I suddenly felt an unexplainable pain in my heart that all I want to do is to cry.

Lucian is kneeling on the floor so he is leveled to Shilo and is hugging him....

"I'm sorry buddy...  Daddy was not able to come back for you like what he promised. I was tied back at work and I need to go back and forth to New York to check some things." He stated but his eyes still closed while hugging Shilo like trying to savor the moment that he got his son on his arms again while Shilo was also hugging him tighly. My chest constricted. I felt warm tears run down my cheeks. He still in his suit and has a hand carry bag and some paper bags  that I would assume things he bought for Shilo as looking at the logos in the paper bag from a known toy store. He looks kind of tired also.

Wait what?!?  He came here diretcly from the airport!?!

"Its ok daddy as long as your back. I missed you so much."  I heard Shilo said. I turned my back at them and wipe the tears that kept flowing on my cheeks. I bit my bottom lip and sighed heavily.

"Mia... I'm sorry. I know you're mad at me but please let me explain." I heard his familiar voice with full of sincerity. I smiled. I know it's weird but I missed his voice. I love how his voice rings to my ears. I admit that even though the owner of that voice  always taunt the hell out of me. Weird more because I was set to kill him couple of days ago... Couple of minutes ago... But now I cannot find the strength to do so...

I guess somehow deep inside me, I'm wishing he would come back and tell me those exact words.

I wipe the tears from my face and look at him.

"Did you already have dinner?" I asked him. He shook his head but the look on his face was priceless. As if he was in trance. That he can't believe that I am not shouting or being hysterical at him for what he have done.

"Thought so.. Come  I cooked something. Its not much of a restaurant one. But I hope you'll like it." I smiled at him. His face was still somehow shocked. I want to laughed at his shocked handsome face...

Ok... I admit it.. He is handsome ok... Very handsome I may add specially those beautiful gray eyes he have...

"Thank you I guess. Even though I'm in the verge of hunting you down to kill you.  But I can't deny the fact that by seeing you brings happiness to him. So still.. Thank you for coming back." I said. We were talking again in the  garden which I think became our favorite spot. But unlike before I'm not pacing like an angry bull anymore rather I'm sitting comfortably on the wooden chair opposite to his while drinking the coffee we ordered.

"I told you I have every intention of making my son happy.   I'm sorry if I made Shilo sad. I needed to go back to New York immediately so I was not able to drop by. It was whirlwind turn of events for both of us and I have to deal with somethings In New York so I could go back here immediately.  But still I intend to do my part. I want to be a part of his life rather than just a mere donor for his existence like you wanted me to be." He said while looking at me directly with his gray eyes.

I don't know but I am really amazed how dedicated he is to Shilo even if he just met him. I guess its the father-son connection. I inhaled sharply.

"I understand and I know the fact that its too late now for me to take you away from him.My son love you instantly. He longed for a father eversince.But things are getting complicated now. He thinks that we are like a happy family. Like you and I are madly inlove with each other!" I said and emphasized the last words.

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