As we got in the van Sam put a blind fold over my eyes and then sat me on his lap. "Sorry baby girl but we don't want you to know your way back." I think it was JC' voice. "Not that i would want to go back but ok." I stated "Oh um.. we need to ask you something" Kian said nervously and I knew what they were talking about. "No I am not a virgin for your information" I stated."Ricky you owe me $10" Connor said. "Did you seriously bet my virginity?" I said with a little sass, no one answered me. "Ugh Whatever" "Calm down Princess" Sam whispered in my ear and it sent chills down my back and made me shiver. I started getting uncomfortable so without thinking I started moving around on Sam's lap. I soon felt a little bump under my bottom and quickly realized what I did. "You have no idea hard it is for me not to fuck your brains out right now" Sam said in my ear, I immediately stopped moving. "So who did you lose it too?" Ricky asked as he took off the blind fold. They were all watching me waiting for my answer except JC who was still driving. "I will tell you if you quit fucking watching me it feels creepy" I said with sass "Ha when we get home we are gonna do a lot more then just watch you" Kian snickered "Taylor now go and fuck yourselves you fucking pricks!" I yelled at them. "Nah I think I will stick with just fucking you and Andrea" I just stared at him shocked and he covered his mouth after realizing what he just said. "Great fucking job Kian" Trevor said with Sarcasm "Andrea Russet?" I said in disgust. "You don't like Andrea?" Trevor asked like he was shocked. "Well if today is opposite day then I am her biggest fan!" I said and gave him an 'are you serious' look. "Well what's gonna happen now?" Ricky asked no one specific "I don't know but I will tell you this once if I ever get the chance I will fucking rip her to shreds!" I said and you could sense the hatred in my voice. I looked at the boys and they just stared at me with shock. "Why are you staring at me?" "Because your a fucking bad ass!" Connor laughed "No I'm just a girl who was taught to fend for herself" I sassed "Well either way it's fucking hot as hell" JC said not taking his eyes off the road. "Whatever" I huffed. "So... do you think we have met this 'Taylor' guy before?" Kian asked me "Actually you have met him and you still know him." They all gave me confused looks "You must have memory loss" "Caniff?" Trevor asked "Ha you actually think Taylor would ever be lucky enough to get that?" Kian says as me points at me. I just looked down at my hands in my lap. "Wait! Seriously?" Kian asked shocked "Yes, gotta problem with that?" "Umm... No?" he said but it came out more as a question. "Well this is awkward" Connor stated "Well thankfully we are about a mile away" JC told us "Thank God" I whispered so no one could hear me "Hey Sam why so quiet?" I asked "Just thinking" Bout what?" I asked "About all the things I want to see you in and then do to you." he said smirking at me "Umm ok?" "Bro we almost there?" Trevor yelled up at JC. "Yeah just a few more blocks" JC yelled back "Well you seem like your comfortable with us doing this." Ricky said to me "No I am just a talkative person, oh and I can be very annoying." I grinned "We live with Kian we can handle it" Ricky sassed to me. "Ha that's what you think" I sassed back. "Finally we're here" JC yelled. We got out and I looked at the house and it looked amazing and huge. I sighed at the thought of what waits for me inside. "Well let's get you in your new home" Kian said as he smirked. "Well here we go" I said to myself as I walked inside my new home where who knows what is waiting for me.

A/N I still need girlfriends for the boys :)

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