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I was woke up out my sleep by the light from the sun shiny throw the blinds on my face I throw the covers off of me in sat up I lean over and got my phone off of the coffee table that sat and the middle of the living room floor to see the time.

There was a knock at the front door I thought that maybe it would be Kingston since he didn't come home last nite but then I remember he live here so he should have a key I just got up anyway and answer the door to see Kai bitch ass standing there

"Hey man is na-na here" he said looking past me into the house I just step to the side

"Yea she should be in her room" he just nod his head and headed up the stairs to her room I close the front door back

I headed back to the sofa I fold my cover back up and carried it to the hall closet I put it back and there then I headed to my car which was a black on black BMW on rim to get some clothes out to wear for today I decide to wear a white polo shirt with a blue horse I paired it with some blue jeans that still had the tag on them I got my freash white air forces to go with it

I walk back in the house I went the bathroom on Kingston floor to shower while I was and the shower I couldn't help but think about na-na man I love that girl so much man even when I moved I date other girls I even had sex with some but they never came close to her but for her to just be fucking a another nigga hurts like hell but I guess I can't do nothing about it but let her do her until she realize what she got in front of her

I got out the shower when I heard my phone ringing

Grabbing my towel wrapping it around my waist then grab my phone off the sink without looking at the number


Noah: hello
?????: hey baby
Noah: hey Brittany?
Brittany: haha yes me Brittany anyway I was calling to tell you that I'm down here an North Carolina for the weekend and thought maybe we could hang like we use to before you left New York
Noah: sure just text me where you want meet
Brittany : ok see you soon
Noah: bye

Phone Call Over

With that I hung up the phone with her and started getting dress I know y'all want the background on us so here it is.

Before I left New York the first time me and Brittany use to play together all the time I would say she was like my best friend so when I moved back she wanted to hang out and stuff she say to catch up which we did she was there when I need somebody to just say they love me.

Me and Brittany did mess around for awhile but I came to found out that Brittany was sharing herself with other people I had cut her off we stop talking bout a year and a half before I actually said I can forgive her she tried to get back with me but I told her we are friends an that's it

When I got done getting dress I was heading down the hall while na-na was coming down the steps she just was standing there eye raping me I just walk past her

"Where you going" she ask me

"Out" was all I said before I got in my car heading to the address where Brittany said she wanted to meet at

I was just up and my room with my night clothes laying on my stomach looking at my phone texting some boy that just inbox me that stay in NY his name is Veno he is this fine dark skin boy with dreads he got tattoos he is real buff but the thing I love the most are his lips and eyes damn home boy can get it

I felt moment beside me on the bed but I still didn't move "Damn who you texting that you can't even look at me when I'm entering the room" Kai said

"Nobody Kai " I said looking up from my phone

"Well let me see then" he said trying to grab my phone

"No Kai dang we anit together so it don't matter who I text" I said putting my phone out of his reach

"Man I dont care we fucking that's good enough for me" some how Kai got on top of me he grab my hands that had the phone and it.

"Kai can I please have my phone back" I said trying to get loose

"Nall but you can tell me who the hell is Veno and why he sending you a picture of his d***" Kai said finally getting off of me and going to the other side of the room

"Then yall talking bout going on a date you got shit fuck up if you think you going" he said looking at me Kai

"Were not together an yes I do planning on going on that date" I said sitting up on the bed he smirk

"Well I guess we got to see what Kingston got to say bout it" he said like I really can't believe this nigga is black mailing me

"Ok Kai" I said giving in cause the last thing I want is for Kingston to find out he smile and throw my phone back on the bed

"Why up here texting other niggas and shit you should be working on your school work" he said I grab my phone that was now on the bed

"Yesss I should that's why I need a ride to school tomorrow I have to be there at 10" I said with pleading eyes

"Oh well I can't do it I have to take Liza to the doctor at 9:30" he said laying on my bed on his back

"Well how do I suppose to get there" I ask

"I don't know ask whoever ride that is and the drive way" he said closing his eyes I didn't even say nothing I just got up to see who car he was talking about I looked out the window and there it was Noah BMW I really didn't want to ask him cause of how things went down last nite but I had no choice cause Kingston be gone every morning by 8 to go to work so I prepare my self to go talk to Noah

Walking down the steps I stop half way and just stare at Noah it took everything an me not to jump on him

"Where you going" I asked nervous

"Out" was all he said before he walked out well it seems like I may have to walk after all

I walk back up to my room I crawl on top of Kai laying my head on his chest watching another episode of beyond scared straight thinking how I'm make Noah forgive me
(Brittany at top)


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