DOMO WILSON (Internet Sensation)

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Domo's Pov
I sit on the edge of the bed with my hands over my eyes.. I can feel mys
elf about to tear up, My depression stage is coming back.. I love Sparkle to DEATH, these eight months has been beautiful, they really have changed me, but all this extra bull shit she's been putting me through lately is tearing me apart. How could she LITERALLY Sit up here and lie and say that wasn't no hickey, I mean its ridiculous, She's ALWAYS Bitchin about ME Bitchin about her cheating, but if she'd stop doing the shit I wouldn't have to Bitch about it. True enough when I met her, I thought she was a prostitute.. but I also thought she was the most beautifullest thing God could put on this earth. I Don't wanna leave her or put her out because I lovee her too much but I mean DAMN How much mo can a nigga take like REALLY??? I apologize, allow me to introduce myself properly Im Domo Wilson, Im 21 Years old, and Im Internet famous It all started back in my Junior year of high school, I was a class clown, I had every class I was in ROLLING Every single day. My ex girlfriend asked me have I heard of this thing called vine and I was like nahh, Fuck is a vine??? She showed me what it was, I made an account, Posted a couple of videos, got a few likes, posted my videos on YouTube Next thing you know they went VIRAL.. And here I am three years later still doing the damn thangg and I have fans all over the Nation, Nooo I haven't fucked any of em, Noo I haven't dated any of em Low key.. I just be chillin, I respect my relationship to the fullest with Sparkle just wish she felt the same about me.... A little bit more about me, Im a NO LABEL, Which means Im not a fem, Stud, Stem... ANY OF THAT, Im just a female who likes women, Clothes doesn't define who I am.. Every Since I was like five or six years old, I knew I wanted to be gay, I love women so much its crazy dude. Yes, Ive kissed a guy, Yes Ive had sex With a guy before.. but I just wasn't feeling it, I get compliments from men everyday and it just doesn't make me feel that rush that women make me feel.. People can say what they want about me.. Call me Dyke, Butch, Fagg, Lesbo... I don't care I love being gay and I love being me... and I think everyone should love being who they are
Man When Sparkle left I literally cried my eyes out for an hour, Seeing that Hickey really bothered me... I can't even make my video tonight, im just gonna smoke my hookah and take my ugly ass to bed... I roll over and bury my face in the pillow of my bed, not even giving a.fuck about the hookah anymore, Sparkle has really Got me depressed..
"Ughhhh Whyyy do you do this to me girl??!!" I say while my face is still inside the pillow. Suddenly, I hear the door bell ring..
"Ughhhh Who is itttt?!!" I yell as If whoever was at the door could literally hear me from all the way upstairs. I roll out of bed and make my way downstairs to open the door. I opened the door and there stood a beautiful ass goddess, Ciera Garnette, Sparkle's best friend.. she stands at about 5'8, Slim in the Stomach, thick in the waist, short red hair, brown eyes, and a smile that could make you freeze
"Heyy Domo, Is Sparkle here?" She asks
"Nahh, she left about an hour ago" I say in a shaky voice
"Okay, well tell her I came over and that I... wait a minute.. are you crying??? What's the matter??" She asks
"Nothing im cool ma" I tell her in an even more shakier voice than before
"No you're not, tell me what's wrong Domo.. you know im not leaving until you talk to me" she says. I take a couple of deep breaths then I finally tell her
"Sparkle came home, with a hickey on her neck" I say, Her mouth drops
"Ohh My Goodness, im so sorry, give me a hug" she says grabbing and pulling me close to her. Her scent smelled like Apples, It felt so good to be in her warm embrace. She gently let me go
"Dry your eyes pretty girl" she says handing me a napkin out of her MK Purse
"Thank You" I say as I take the napkin
"You're welcome, You're way too beautiful for this, and I hate to see you this way baby for real" she says
"Thank you CiCi" I tell her
"Noo, You're Welcome" she says just before kissing me on my lips, her lips against mine felt like heaven.. we pulled away from each other slowly...
"Sparkle, is so lucky... One day she's gonna realize that" she says heading out the door
Damnn what the hell just happened???
I.G @Domowilson1

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