camilla 3

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I forgot one last part so here it is

That night

Camilla fell asleep on the couch so Lucas took her upstairs and Lay her down in her room. I was in the leaning over the counter charging my phone. Then I felt someone come up and hug me from behind. Wrapping their arms around my waist

Lucas - Baby I've missed you

Me - Lucas...

Lucas - I really missed you *Kissing your neck*

Me - Lucass...please stop *turning around*

We stared in each others eyes for a quick before our lips met. I said "I missed you too" lowly after .

About ten minutes later we went up to my room...not doing anything sexual. We just layed down about to go to sleep. Then Camilla came in and got in bed with us.

I can get use to having beautiful family moments like this

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