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Author's Note (Please Read!)

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Hey guys!

First, I wanted to say thank you for being here! If you are new to The Last She Series, welcome, and if you have read the book before, welcome back! (first time readers, and re-readers, let me know where you're reading from!) Either way you are in for a new adventure 😉

PLEASE NOTE that this book is now labeled "THE LAST SHE SERIES", and the first two books, The Last She and The Last City, are completed within this book. The third book, The Last Creation, is being updated in this book in weekly or biweekly enstallments, as of August 2019. So all three books are right here, no need to look elsewhere! 

If you choose to buy the complete series, you'll get the first two books and you'll pre-purchase the third book and can read each chapter as it comes out. Or, you can simply buy each new chapter as they're released each week. 

Thank you so much for helping me get one step closer to my dream! I truly appreciate all of you in whatever capacity you are able to show your support. If you choose to post comments on my story (and I really hope you do!), please remember to be respectful and kind. I am also a person... or a cat cleverly masquerading as one 😉.

Adventure awaits!  

Your friendly neighborhood author,


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