I turned towards the door just as the door handle began to open. A tall, middle-aged man stood behind the door and began to walk into the room.

He was wearing dark blue scrubs with a white lab coat around him. His glasses were on the top of his receding hairline, graying with age and stress. His tired, grey eyes were glancing over a clipboard holding a huge bundle of papers. He was chewing on his pen and looking through numerous papers, like he was trying to find an answer to a question. Hopefully, he had the answers to mine.

"Yes? Mr. Payne?" A slight Boston accent seemed to fill all of the empty corners of the room. "You know just because a new intern nurse gave you a spoon doesn't mean you can page me." He looked up at Liam with a stressed and tired look upon his face.

"No, Dr. Swoeri. That's not the reason."

"Then what Liam? I don't have much time. I have a lung transplant at 2:17." He started to look at Liam's charts that where attached to his bed. "You seem to be doing fine." He walked over to my bed and picked up a big binder that was at the end of my bed.

"Miss. Jeosk seems too be doing stable too. Hopefully, if she ever wakes up I'm afraid her verbal skills maybe damaged. She received extensive damages to her Frontal Lobe...Her spinal cord did receive heavy bruising... She could end her life in a wheelchair... if she ever wakes up..." He continued to ramble on about me.

"I think my verbal skills are just fine. But I haven't had time to test out my legs yet." I looked at Liam and smiled and looked back at Dr. Swoeri. Dr. Swoeri's head snapped up from his chart, his dull, gray eyes turned a dark blue and his tired face turned to a kid on Christmas.

"Miss. Jeosk. Brooke. Your awake." He whispered. I smiled trying to break the awkwardness that is filling the room. "That's amazing." He rushed to my bed and stuck a bright light in my eyes.

"W-what are you doing?" I tried once again to shield the bright lights that filled my eyesight.

"I just need to run some tests. Most people don't wake up from injuries like yours Hun." I looked over at Liam for a little help and he answered with a reassuring smile and a thumbs up.

"What kind of tests?" I asked him with a shaky voice. "And what do you mean injuries like mine?"

"Just tests to make sure your vital signs are stable. They seem to be good, but your a bit disoriented aren't you?" I nodded my head; finally someone knew what was going on in my head. "Can I just ask you to stand?" I again nodded my head, trying to sit my self up.

"Yeah, I'll try." I turned my legs to the side of the bed and placed my feet on the floor and shivered.

"BB, are you okay?" Liam rushed over from his bed to see if I was all right.

"Yeah, Liam. I'm fine. The floors just cold calm down." I let out a slight giggle. Liam's hand reached out and I took it for support to stand up. As I took my first few steps and the room started to spin and I fell into Liam for support. "Woah! Sorry Liam."

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