Chapter 12: My own personal walk of shame.

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Well hello there. I have no excuse for what I have done to you poor poor souls. How long has it been since I've updated? Too long. Lord almighty I am sorry. I have no excuses. I've been so busy. I deleted the wattpad app at one point. I was so young when I wrote this. Lord my writing style was SH I T. IM SO SORRY. I do not know if I will update again. It all depends on if you all would like me to start up again. I can't remember exactly what I had in mind for this fic but I can pick up where I left off and keep going. But only if you all want me too. I'm not saying my writing is any better now but it was god awful when I first started this. And the characters were so ooc and I'm sorry for that. If I pick back up they will prolly start being more in character. John went missing right? Lord how long have I left you all hanging. And why the hell was my username Baka--senpi. I was some weeaboo trash let me tell you. God. I was so cringe worthy. Emo stage and everything. You all did now want to know me back then. But I'm back now. I'm more stable let me tell you. But I'm back. And it's up to you guys if I should continue this or not. My analogies are still bad as ever and I might bring back the grape cake eggs for the hell of it. And more fandom quotes because I'm trash. Also homestuck just ended. So I felt like it was about time I put on my big boy pants and update this sucker. For those of you who do not know, I cuss a lot. And in future chapters I hope you can deal with my language. I have a potty mouth I know. I curse like a sailor who just stubbed his toe. It's getting bad. Oh well. So yes. I've changed my username and if I do continue, be on the look out for new chapters.

Guess who's back, baby.

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