Mommy Whats That?

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I was cooking dinner for my wonderful family. Kidding they all extra as fuck. "Ma what's for dinner?" My 16 year old son Brody asked. "You'll find out when I'm done. Now go get your siblings." I said. Me and my husband Justin have 3 kids. Brody, the eldest. Kaleigh, the middle child. Cyana, the youngest. "Babe what's for dinner?" Justin asked walking into the kitchen. "You'll find out when I get done." I said. "Ugh fine!" Justin said padding to the table. He sat and looked at me as I got the plates. "Daddy!" Cyana yelled running to Justin. "Hey babygirl!" He said picking her up. "How was your day dad?" She asked sweetly. "Wow you care more than your mother! And it was good baby." He said. "Nigga.." I said under my breath. "I heard that!" Justin said. I set the table and put everyone's food on they plates. "Brody! Kaleigh!" I yelled. They came running down like a herd of Gisselle's trying to get away from a pack of lions. "Yay! Food!" Kaleigh said sitting down. I sat down next to Brody. "Thank you god for waking us up this morning. Thank you god for letting us make it through the day. And thank you for this food and for everything else you do." Kaleigh prayed. "Amen!" We said at once. "Mommy?" Cyana called. I looked up at her. "Yes baby?" I said smiling. She's the only one I really like. If we are being honest. "What's a penis?" She asked. Brody choked and started patting his chest. Kaleigh gasped and coughed. Justin also choked and looked down. I just sat there shocked looking at her. "Who taught you that word baby sis?" Brody asked. "This girl named Georgia from school." She said innocently. "Uhm it's something only boys have!" Kaleigh said. "Can I have one mommy?" She asked looking at me. I shook my head quickly and coughed. I'm still shocked as fuck. "No baby you can not have one. Please never get one!" Justin said. "Okay daddy. I won't get one for you." She said smiling. I laughed and looked down.

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