wtf bro?

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Like i got lots of views but zero votes. Do you guys not like my imagines? I'm so hurt and confused at the same damn time. Well that happens to people a lot so 😂. But like vote for me please!! I need ya help babes. 😩😭 and wanna know something about me? I am black. Lmfao but nah my momma is mixed so like I have some white in me yo. Since people love mixed chicks. I don't why like why they gotta be so cool. They have a lot of hair and they are usually very pretty. Maybe that's why. And I'm tried of every girl in people's imagines being mixed so I'm changing the girls in my story's to being fully black. Not an inch of white in them that I know about. But fr fr vote for me please? 😘😌💕

- Talynn is mah real name homies. 😻

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