Black Magic

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There was yelling as Loren began chanting words in a language I've never heard before. A click sounded at my throat and my collar thumped to the floor as I released my bite on the witch and stepped back. I immediately shifted and turned towards the bedroom door as it blew open. I raced through it to the basement door I'd found days ago while exploring the house Silver had grown up in. The door clicked as the locks broke and the wooden slab swung open for me. I darted down the stairs and barked at a very bloody Lauren who was in a dog cage small enough to force her body into an uncomfortable position.

The cages in the room unlocked and Lauren fell out of hers, a groan leaving her lips. I shifted and spoke with the barking command of our Alpha. "Get up. Get ready for a fight. The time has come to get out of here." I boomed, moving purposely around the room to examine mostly unused cages. I was about to give up and admit I was wrong when I suddenly heard the huff of a wolf behind me.

I spun around just as the most beautiful chocolate brown wolf charged me. She changed as we tumbled to the ground and bared her canines in my face. "Where is she?!" She yelled. "Where's my daughter?!"

Her blonde hair was dirty and tangled around her face and she was naked, looking like she hadn't had a good meal in years. Silver's mother wasn't looking too good. Her electric blue eyes were glowing menacingly and I knew she'd kill me if I didn't convince her I was a friend, not a foe. "Was it you?" I asked sharply.

"What?" She blinked in confusion.

"Did you try to kill Chris and take over his pack?" I asked, my own canines flashing.

She growled. "I would never do that to my son."

"Good. Then I don't have to kill you. Now get off of me and prepare yourself. Tonight is not going to end well for all of us and I, preferably, would like to go find Silver before she rips the head off of someone she isn't supposed to." I pushed her off, revealing my strength for the first time, and shifted, giving a bark to the reddish wolf that was Lauren.

Let's go find our Alpha, she said into my head. Our eyes met and all at once, I felt the bond of friendship pull us out of the house and into the woods, following the scent trail the love of my life had left us.


There was a searing pain pulsing in my throat, moving down my body at alarmingly fast speeds. Alana had said the turn was quick for her and painful. I wondered idly if it would be that way for me. Tears trekked down my face but I gritted my teeth and kept chanting the old spell my mother had taught me a long time ago. One to help, hinder, or hypnotize.

Loren, that beautiful voice said into my mind. Loren, I feel your pain. Loren, what are you doing to yourself? Why are you helping the enemy?

I growled, ignoring his words. Knowing it was just my imagination trying to ease my pain by distracting me. I felt a shifting my my mouth and heard bones breaking inside my chest, my rib cage expanding.  I opened my mouth in a howl as I collapsed to the floor on my hands and knees. Still, I kept chanting until the words became alive and floated around me in strings of purple and silver.

Loren, save me.

I felt my face changing. Becoming the muzzle of a wolf. I felt my senses become higher and more sensitive. My eyesight became sharper. My hearing better. And then my fingers shrunk and I glanced down as they became paws. Massive grey paws. My hips slimmed down and I felt a growing in my tailbone. I let loose a howl of pain and rage as the vampire's voice filled my mind.


Loren, please help me....


I howled as my clothes ripped and I shook the bits and pieces off, standing to my full wolf height. All promises I had made to Alana and her pack flew out the window. He was in pain. He needed me. And he was all that mattered.

I jumped out the window.


Where's the rest of the pack? Shouldn't they be here? I asked Lauren as we ran.

No, they'll be following Silver. Loyalty above blood. She replied breathlessly.

Are you okay? I said, concern causing me to slow.

Yes, keep going. Don't wait for me. I'll catch up. She told me just as a dark grey mass tackled her to the ground. I skidded to a stop but hesitated. Should I stay or go after Silver? GO, ALANA! RUN!!!

I whined but bolted back on track, my heart thudding in my chest. Silver! I called. Silver, baby, I'm coming!!!

But I didn't see him until it was too late.

I know I know, who is this mysterious he? And what's going to happen with Loren? Who attacked Lauren? What's wrong with Silver? When will I update again?

Honestly, I don't know yet. But I won't keep you guys too long. Hope you enjoyed this update. Please comment and vote and all that good stuff.


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