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Hello there! :) Thanks for taking a chance and reading my store. This is really for me to get a feel for the story and for me to get a bit of feedback. The picture up top is of Kressara. Sorry this is so short I just wanted her to be found in the first chapter and not in the intro. Sadly Drogo will not be in this chapter but please read and leave comments! :)

A seemingly lifeless body was stretched out across the high end bedding wrapped in some of the best silks this kingdom had seen. Just then one of the older, seasoned maidens called out to the figure, "Kressara, wake up sweetie." A long loud groan could be heard before the figure moved. She groaned loudly as if to say be gone before finally sitting up. Her hair stood up in every which direction as her petite hands rubbed at her eyes. Today was the day...the day she had been dreading for the last two months; today was the day she met her husband unfortunately.

A loud huff was heard before she finally got up and headed off to quickly dress for a ride out. Marriage wasn't her thing. Kressara was never too keen on being at a man's beck and call and knew because of her long line of misbehaving that her parents had picked someone cruel to break her in. In her mind this only meant she would either die fighting him off or he would lose his life trying to control her. Her thoughts of today's events continued as she moved about dressing in her riding gear. Her wild curls bounced about before she finally tighted them away in a bun. Moments later she finished and started to descend down the balcony that was attached to her bedroom.

Kressara was a bit drowsy still so it took her an extra couple of minutes before she finally got to ground. She bobbed and weaved a few people as she headed to the stables to get Sparkle. It was a stupid name for a horse but she couldn't bring herself to change the name. She had fallen in love with Sparkle after finding her off on the side of the road as a young child. She begged her parents to keep her if she behaved, which she never did but in the end they gave in. She had named the caramel colored animal Sparkle because in her eyes she could see sparkles as her hair blew in the wind.

Her foot steps were silent as she kept her ears and eyes peeled. She grabbed a bow and two sets of arrows along with her sword she kept hidden away before making her way over to Sparkle. For the first time in days she grinned as she gently petted and greeted the horse. "Let's get out of here, shall we?" Sparkle stepped a few times as if to agree. Kressara giggled softly as she made sure the food she had been grabbing for days in secret were in place. A moment later she found her step stool before mounting the horse. She left the door open wide enough in the back to escape and she did just that. Her left foot tapped Sparkle and she took off at full speed as her petite hands slide on the helmet she kept to usually conceal her identity.

It was still pretty early so no one really noticed who was leaving with Sparkle. The people just suspected whoever it was was taking the horse out for a small run for the day. This wasn't out of the ordinary so no one batted an eye.

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