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Drew Constancio Imagine

Today is the day me and my brother Zach are going to the beach with the boys. I'm y/n Dorsey, Zach Dorsey's little sister. I am 15 years old and have blonde hair and blue eyes just like my big brother. I've been looking forward to this trip to the beach for the past month! Mostly just because of who is going to be there.

My brother has this "crew" that he always hangs out with. It consists of Robert Villanueva, Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio, but I'm more interested in Alex's little brother Andrew or Drew for short. Drew is the same age as me and we have known each other forever because our brothers have been friends since we were born.

I really like Drew and my brother knows that, so he told Alex to bring Drew to the beach so that me and him could hang out. Sometimes I'm so glad I have a brother like Zach. He is always so chill about everything and me and him are really close.

~at the beach~

"Hey y/n!" all of my brother's friends screamed as we walked over. "Wow you guys say hi to my sister and not me, your best friend!!" Zach messed with them. "Sorry Zach didn't see you there buddy." Austin answered him. "Yeah sure that's the reason, not the fact that my LITTLE sister is here in a bikini right?" Robert answered "Um yeah, sure lets go with that answer." "Oh shut up you little ass! No one hits on my sister and gets away with it." "Zachy its fine they were just making a joke!" I said trying to keep him from flipping his shit.

We have already been here ten minutes and Drew still hasn't said a word to me. All the boys are in the water but Drew is just sitting on his towel so I walk over to him and take this opportunity to talk to him alone.

"DREWWWWW!!!!!" I scream as I run and jump on him. "Geeze y/n you scared the crap out of me!" "That was the plan." I say and flash him a goofy smile. "Youre such a dork y/n." "Thats not nice im gonna tell my brother on you." I answer in the best baby voice i can make without cracking up. "Ok ok im sorry y/n." "Good!"

"Ummm y/n" "Yeah Drew" He comes close to my ear and whispers "Why are you still sitting on me?" "You know Drewbee that is a very good question!" Even though i didnt want to i hopped off of his lap and sat down next to him on the sand.

"So how have you been Drew? We havent talked in a while since Austin has been tour." "Ive been good just trying to keep up with everything that is going on. Between touring with my brother and the boys and keeping up with my home-schooling ive been really busy. I'm really glad we have a break for a while so i can spend some time with my bestest friend in the whole world!" "And who might that be Drew?" "Well y/nn (your nickname) it just so happens to be the beautiful girl sitting next to me right now." "Awwww Drew!" I slap him lightly on his bicep, but it doesnt affect him because his muscles are so strong.

"You wanna go for a swim y/n?" "Not really i think im going to tan for a little bit and then i'll come in the water." "Ok suit yourself" He walks away so i go grab my suntan lotion and rub it all over my body so that i wont get burned.

After about twenty minutes of tanning my front i feel my skin getting hot so i flip on my stomach so i can get an even tan. Suddenly i feel water droplets on my legs and the sun being blocked by an object. I flip back over onto my back and look up to see a soaking wet Drew standing over me. "Can i help you Drew?" "No" "Then why are you standing over me blocking my sun?" "Because i want to" "Can you please move?" "Ok"

He steps off of the towel, but as soon as i flip over i can feel myself being lifted by a damp body. "Drew put me down" he slings me over his shoulder and says "No i think im good y/n" "DREW PUT ME DOWN!" I scream while kicking my legs. "No" "Andrew Stephen Constancio if you dont put me down right this minute im going to kick your ass!!" "Ok" Suddenly i feel his arms drop from under me and then i am surrounded by water. Suddenly my foot gets caught between two rocks and i cant get back to the surface. Almost as soon as i realize what's going on i black out.

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