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It's been a year since Dakota was stolen. Mom and dad decided not to press charges on Lexi's family.

Now, I'm at a horse show, and to be honest I'm terrified. I'm in the walk, jog class. Mel helps me onto Dakota.

I enter the arena at a jog. I do everything the judge asks us to do. Dakota gives a small kick, but I keep him going.

The judge tells us the line up facing her. She goes down the long line, asking each one of us to back four steps.

Mel, mom and dad are on the bleachers, watching me. The announcer gets the placing and says them out loud.

I hold y breath when it comes down to the last three. "And in first place is... McKenzie Burton on Dakota!"

I gasp. We won? A lady hands me a pretty rosette. I hug Dakota, but it was never about winning.

I have all that I need.

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