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*THIS IS A SAMPLE OF RED NIGHT that includes the first 5 chapters. 

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An immortal serial killer with an appetite for young blondes is loose in the city of Phoenix, and he's just added private investigator, Samantha Chase to the menu. 

In a game played by beautiful monsters, where one wrong move could be her last, whom should Samantha trust? 

Would it be Adam, her vampire stalker? A week ago, she didn't believe in vampires. 

Maybe, Gabriel, the dreamy guy Samantha's been crushing on for months, who seems to know more than he should about things that go "bump in the night?"

Or should she listen to the angelic-looking serial killer, who claims --he's the real victim? 

Start the series that readers have described as "a cross between Twilight and True Blood," with "interesting characters, both funny and menacing," that blends "the supernatural and the everyday into one un-put-downable read."


RED NIGHT is a fast-paced sexy urban fantasy with an endearing heroine who stumbles into love and danger, with grace and humor.

Life is good for Samantha Chase. She's finally caught the eye of the handsome yet quiet professor she's been crushing on and her PI business continues to gain new clients. But life takes a sharp turn when Sam becomes entangled with two mysterious men. Sam soon learns that vampires are not just scary stories told in the dark of night. Some are dangerously...attractive.

Adam is the seductive vampire who claims to be on the trail of a murderer but can't seem to stay away from Sam.

Gabriel, an unassuming sexy college professor living in her building is more than he appears and Sam wants to learn what he knows.

When attention from both men places Samantha on the radar of a murder, the unlikely trio attempt to work together to protect Sam and bring down an immortal killer. But Adam and Gabe are natural enemies and to complicate things further,  Sam may be falling for both. Who can she trust when no one is what they seem and the clock is ticking?

"Never believe the illusion that I am human, Samantha. My very nature desires to take advantage of you, in every way imaginable."             

                                                                                                  Adam ~ RED NIGHT

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