Chapter 11 (Dans p.o.v.)

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🎶I'm in love with an angel, heaven forbid
Made me a believer with the touch of her skin
I'd go to hell and back with you
Stay lost in what we found
Worlds apart we were the same
Until we hit the ground🎶
Angel by Theory of a Deadman blared through Dans ears. Just like all the other nights for the past 6 months. He loved Phil. But he had to let him go because he knew an angel and a human couldn't love each other. He was deep in thought listening to his song when he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. He thought he was feeling things so he let it go. But than he felt another tap on his shoulder. He turned around ready to say something when he noticed Phil. He thought it was his mum. She would visit him every so often to check up on him. She knew about his depression lately and was really worried about him. "Phil?" Dan was really shocked to see him. He shut his music off and looked at Phil longingly. "What are you doing here?" He asked curiously as a saw a slight smile on Phils face. Dan couldn't help but smile back. "I got sent back by God. He wants me to ask you a question that could change our lives forever." Dans eyes widened with surprise. "What question would that be?" Phil chuckled. "Do you want to be in a relationship with me?" Dan nodded. "Yes Phil I really do. But Angels and Humans can't be together." Phil smiles again. "Yes they can. There's only one way we can be together. But that option is up to you. Do you want to be with me still? Now that you know we can be together?" I smiled really wide. "Yes Phil. I really want to be with you! But can you tell me how?" Phil nodded. "Of course. If you said no I would never be able to see you again. But since you said yes, you can't change your mind after I tell you this. But they have to rip off my wings and put me back in my body." I got scared about the last part. "Phil there's no way i'm letting you get your wings ripped off. I'm not that important. Plus you'll get scars from that, that will never leave." I started to cry. "Dan don't be silly. Yes i'll get scars from it. But it will so be worth it if it's to be with you. You are worth everything to me. Please let me do this so we can be together?" I nodded and smiled at Phil through my tears. Wishing I could hug him. "Yes. Of course. But can I go with you and at least be there for you when it happens?" Phil giggled and nodded. "There's no one else I would want to be there for me. Not too long now Dan and we will be together."

I am so so sorryyy for the long wait. I had the chapter written down and everything. I was so busy but I finally have time to type out this chapter. The next chapter is the last chapter to this story. I did start on another story so look forward to that. ^-^ Love you guys!! <3

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