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UPDATED Author's Note!

FACES is slowly trundling its way through a final revision (or, I HOPE it's a final revision) before heading off to my wonderful editor. Yes, my book will be published!!! I'm looking at going indie, although I received an agent's partial request in response to a query and so it's out on submission. The idea of indie really appeals to me, however.

A few changes to the published novel will become quite apparent to readers of the earlier drafts including this one, but the story will be more or less what you're reading here. Just cleaned up a bit (or a lot...that's on my editor's shoulders and mine when we get together to hammer those things out) as well as expanded on some plot points I felt needed to be fleshed out more. Having written what's posted here so quickly for SYTYCW in the summer and early fall of 2015, I know there are weaknesses and areas lacking, and it's my hope to fill in all those missing pieces, giving my readers a richer, enhanced, and deeper story.

Thanks as always for the reads, votes, and comments!!! It's so exciting to log into Wattpad and see the feedback, plus the awesome #(ranking number) my story has been sitting at for awhile now!!!! I'm humbled and honored <3

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