Why Question Love

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Here I am sitting at the table waiting for Noel and my friend Sofia. Sofia came up to me as soon a she spotted me. She gave me a warm hug and told me that she had to go because she had to run some errands for her mother. I told her to call me as soon as she was home so that we could catch up on some things. Without a doubt she said yes and signaled bye. A couple minutes later out of no where, I spotted Noel. I then preceded to lifting my hands up so that he could see me. Once he did he began to smile and walked over to my table. He kindly asked what I wanted to order and I kindly replied saying I wanted a small french vanilla decaf coffee with extra cream. He immediately smiled, got up and went to order our drinks.

When he came back I decided to start the conversation with a simple question.

"Whats your favorite drink"?

" I don't really have a favorite. I just drink what I feel for you know"?

" yah, I totally get it".

"So what school do you attend"? The question seemed important to him.

" Montgomery Hughes Academy... its the high-school not too far from here. Why? where do you go"?

" I was just wondering, because its the easiest way to guess a girls age without asking. And by the way I'm a sophomore at Winchester college".

" Oh hajaha I like what you did there".

"Oh thanks I'm a mastermind, (he stated in a playful voice). Anyways, would you mind if I asked what grade you are in".

" No not a problem. I'm in the twelfth grade".

" Sweet! so your a senior then"?

" yup I am".

The afternoon seemed to have passed by faster than anticipated. We talked about our favorite sock brand, hobbies and the people we sincerely love . Before long the conversation ended and we were saying goodbye. Noel gave me his phone number and I gave him mine. I think I was in the process of falling in love, everything seemed perfect. I guess today wasn't one of those lazy days after all.


"Wake up get ready its time for school"!

I can hear my mother screaming at the top of her lungs from the kitchen. I had to tune out all thoughts of sleeping to be able to drag myself out of my freshly washed white sheets. Before I knew it I had my clothes on and was sitting around the dinning table. It did not take long for my younger brother Logan to join me for breakfast. Even though he was two years younger than me, he was mostly mistaken as the oldest. I would not blame him, for he was tall and muscular and looked at least eighteen. Thank God he had the maturity to match. In spite of our differences we had a tendency to get all long fairly well. We could talk about almost anything with each other and feel totally comfortable about it, which I am mostly grateful for.

Thank God for our Mama, everyday she goes out of her way to cook our meals, and on this particular morning she decided to make us blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee. Boy did it taste good!

Later that morning I had a math test which I totally forgot to study for this Sunday, because of my date with Noel, as a result I failed. Not to mention that I suck at math. I think I really am going to summer school this year. On top of that I do not even know what college I am going to. Ugh, life just hits me in the face each day and I am not one bit surprised. On the other hand, the rest of the day played out to be a normal school day.

Until I walked in on my brother kissing some blonde girl. Being the protective sister I am I ran her out the house. Logan became furious and began shouting. I could tell from his eyes he was hurt. I just did not know why. So I asked him why he seemed hurt. Logan insisted that he did not want to talk and stormed out the living room. That behavior was very strange of him. For a couple seconds I began listing all the possibilities why he would have felt this way but none of them made any sense. I ended up accepting what he said and decided to worry about my own issues for once.

After having that little argument I made my way upstairs to my room. As soon as I entered I fell face down on my bed, it just felt so good to relax after such a long day. Not a minute had passed before I heard a text message. I looked up at my phone and saw a text from Sofia.

- Heyy!! where you been? Why haven't you answered my call?

I immediately texted back

- OMG I forgot to call back!!

- I didn't see you today so I decided to text you about the issue.

- I'm so sorry Sofia I am just so caught up with things.

-Seriously Laeyah I have been your best friend from sixth grade and you can't tell me what things...

- All I can say is sorry but I promise that tomorrow we can catch up in person. Where would you like to meet me?

- Lets meet at the Breakfast Grill & Cafe at seven?

- Yah ok seven. Its all on me. My treat!

- bye bye xoxo

- see you tmr girl!!

I wonder why I can not get Noel out of my head. Unfortunately he has not texted me yet and I am growing worried. He probably does not feel the same way, I should have known. Or maybe worse, he was just messing around with me. Why must I question love. Maybe I should wait it out and see.

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