Leaving Paris

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"I don't want to leave" I say to Ethan laying on his bed while he packs, because my room was wrecked by Daniel, Ethan thought it would be best if I stayed in his room for the rest of the holiday. I had no objection with this what so ever. But as he was rushing around I was on strike I don't want to go back, Paris is beautiful I want to see more but we had to leave as school starts tomorrow but as soon as we go back it means back to reality and back to Daniels threats. The only thing that is different is that Nina will be there, which is fine it will just be wired.

"But we have to if we want to leave England again" he says form the bathroom.

"Nope I'm not going back to England, its cold and boring. My family wont miss me i'll just write them a post card... I know what I can look after the apartment for you" I say he comes out of the bathroom with black jeans, combat boots, a grey jumper and a red Bennie which controlled his messy hair, seeing him like this I couldn't help but bite my lip. How is it I ended up going out with him again? He smirked as he saw I was checking him out.

"But i'd miss you too much.."He says walking forward slowly to the bed.

"Oh then it looks like you will have to stay with me " I shrug as he sits on the bed

"Or I could kidnap you and take you with me "he lays down beside me looking at me while grinning.

"Then what Mr grey? Lock me up, so I'm only yours" I raise my eyebrow

"Hmmm that was exactly what i was thinking ' he says leaning forward as he kisses me, it was soft and sweet but then it became wild and passionate, he moved back and looked down on me smiling.

"What is that?"

"What" he smiles

"That look, your smiling like an idiot"i laugh a little i have never seen him smile so much never , he's so happy here in paris.

"I'm happy Lily," he laughs and it makes me smile he lays back and I hug his side as he put his arms around me.

"remind me again why you have a grazed hand" he asked looking at my hand i laughed nervously.

after we kissed he noticed that one my my gloves where slightly damp because i didn't have time to wrap up the wound it just bleed a lot. he wasn't happy when he found out but once i told him he couldn't help but laugh at me.

"you know how i got it" i sat up and crossed my legs while i looked at hand.

"None would notice if we stayed," I whispered

"Yes he would" he says stroking my hair, I huff, we have half an hour to get there.

"Come on then lets get back to reality," I say getting up but he pulls me back down so i was on top of him , he frowned when he saw that I was upset.

"Everything will be okay, I promise" he kisses my nose, which causes me to smile.

"We seem to promise a lot of things, ever thing that sometimes we wont be able to fulfil them?"

"no ... i never back out of a promise ever" he kissed me quickly , then we leave his room and go back to London.

We were walking up to Ethan's plain I turned around to see the last look of Paris, to see that Nina had stopped she was looking at the plain with fear. i frowned at her she didn't noticed, oh god i cant believe i'm about to do this. i said to my self.

"I'll be right back" I kiss Ethan on the check and walk over to Nina. She didn't egnolige me until I was right in front of her.

"What's wrong?" I ask trying to sound sensier, what its not my strong suit.

"I can't come," she says quietly

"Nonsense there's nothing stopping you"

"But there is, Daniel will be there he was going to kill everyone I love if I come back I cant risk it"

"But he wont we have a plan Nina you will be safe with us and Ethan wont let anything happen to you" I grab her hand and start walking back to the plain "I know me and Mia didn't welcome you with open arms but we are here now and trust me we are killer friends haven't you heard what I did to Riley when he upset her?"

She starts to laugh, "yeah he wasn't happy about that"

"Then you have nothing to worried about " I was by the steps and I felt a hand on my shoulder I look up to see Ethan

"You can't stay here Nina," he says looking at her with emotion in his eyes it hurt to look it was like i was ruining a special moment. why am i feeling like this we've been going out for less than a week and i'm acting like a jelouse girlfriend!!!

"You can sit with Ethan if you like, I know you don't really get on with Charlie so i'll sit with him" I say which caused Nina's face to relax.

"Are you sure?"she raised her eyebrow

"Positive" I say and with that we walked onto the plain, Nina goes and sits by the window and Ethan turns me around to look at him before he sat down.

"You didn't have to do that you know?" he says holding my hands

"I know I didn't have to I wanted to she's one of your best friends, it doesn't hurt anyone" I say and he kisses me. but inside it was killing me.

"I still don't understand how I got an amazing girl like you," he whispers and I blush.

"Me neither" I wink and sit in my set next Charlie.

He looked at me for a moment then over at Ethan and Nina then his eyebrows frown.

"Why are you sat here?" he asks

"Oh alright fine ill go and sit over there" I say joking but he puts his hand on my arm.

"Seriously why are you sat here isn't little miss scared supposed to sit here" he say her nickname in disgust.

" uh no she was scared and I thought she would be more comfterbal if she sat with Ethan"

"really?" I nod and he looks at them laughing and it breaks my heart a little bit but I know I shouldn't feel threatened but she has known him for ages and she openly said she loves him. But I'm sure my felling's towards her are wrong.

We sat in silence as the plain took of and I started looking through my photos we all looked so happy, it wont is like that when we go home. I love around at my friends to see them smiling a chatting. I then look in my bag and see the engagement ring, we had a plan but it wouldn't work. I felt a hand in my hand I looked to see it was Charlie. He squeezed it and smiled slightly to reassure me everything would be okay. But it wont.

"I'm not going to tell you everything will be okay because it wont" he whispered

"I know I just wanted a peaceful year, guess I was never going to get that "

"At least you have your dancing, "he said 'he's always at the ring"

"I don't even have dancing anymore Charlie, when i was late to Ethan's house i was trying to dance i fell each time i tried to spin or jump the amount of bruises i have on my legs..." i say it all like i'm losing myself because for a long time dancing was all i had.

'I haven't been able to dance since Halloween" I say looking over at ethan who was talking with Nina


"I don't know" I say truly "but I have a feeling i wont be able to dance for awhile " I take my hand out of his and close my eyes and wait for the wheels to touch British land.

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