27 Fading Zen

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Friday morning and Louis wakes up to a text message.

Good news! Doctor says I can come back to work today! Hope that's okay with you (:

It's from Kara.

God yes! Please and thank you.

It's time to get up anyway. He wakes up Harry with a long, soft kiss to the neck. "Wake up Hazza. I need to give you a ride back to the spa so you can get your bike."

Harry's eyes flutter open. "I'm supposed to be on break from school. That also includes getting up early."

"Would you rather walk? It's supposed to be really hot today. I'm just looking out for you." Louis presses a kiss to the side of Harry's lips.

Harry groans. "I know. I'll get up. Just... go shower or something. I'll be there in a minute."

Louis lays on Harry's chest and trails his fingers along Harry's collarbone. "But I like showering with you better."

Harry props his head up on the pillow to see Louis better and wraps his arms around Louis' waist. "Only if I get another kiss."

Louis smiles and cranes forward to give Harry a soft peck to the lips. "Just one?"

Harry's eyes flick down to Louis' lips again. "Or two."

Louis leans forward to give Harry a slower kiss.

This is so soft.

Louis is partially scared and partially in love with the feeling. There's a part of him that wants to stay snuggled softly in his bed all day and another part that immediately reverts to sex.

There were so many boys from the clubs that Louis would sleep with, then kick out the next morning. Some of them tried to be sweet, but the pillow talk always made Louis sick to his stomach and remind him of Zayn. If they kept insisting on staying around for the morning, Louis would turn it into a morning sex fest, then tell them to leave and never come back.

It's very different with Harry; and it didn't remind him of Zayn.

Maybe he's doing things right this time. He made sure to take it slow with Harry in the beginning. They were friends first, and now they're friends who fuck. No strict boundaries of relationships that end up with heaping piles of expectations upon one another. Like Harry told him months ago, non-committal relationships also mean no rules broken.

And then he said 'they can be dropped the moment they're more trouble than they're worth.

Louis pulls away from the kiss. "Haz?"

Harry pets Louis' fringe. "Hmm?"

"Am I troublesome for you?" Louis rests his face sideways on Harry's chest again and shoves down the worry until Harry answers.

Harry rolls Louis over to look him in the eyes. "Why would you ask me that?"

Frustrated that Harry won't ever just answer his damn questions, he huffs. "Can you just answer the question for once?"

Harry raises an eyebrow. "What's wrong Lou?"

"Nothing." Louis looks away from Harry.

Harry's curls fall in Louis' face. "Don't lie to me."

I am apparently transparent.

"The first time I came to one of your polo games we talked a lot. Do you remember?" Louis asks.

"I remember you asked me if I had STD's." Harry jests and wiggles his eyebrows.

Louis slaps a hand over his eyes and blushes. "Oh my gosh, please don't remind me. I was so beyond overwhelmed with trying to remember how to breathe when I was around you back then."

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