H is for Hair

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Hair is essential to your look. It really helps make a statement about you. Depending on what color you chose, a different statement about your personality will be made.

Blondes are seen as fun and bubbly. They're society's golden children. True they have the stereo type of being stupid, but if they’re a pretty or handsome blonde, that’s irrelevant. But you can’t have the kind of blonde hair that some have. It needs to be pure blonde. Platinum blonde is one of society’s favorite color blonde. But be very careful my dark haired friends. If you bleach your hair, you risk having that hideous brown or black roots show though. You need to have your hair often bleached to avoid that. That’s going to cost you quite a bit if you’re going to do it correctly. That surely won’t be a problem because people will be hiring you as soon as they see you.

Red heads have quite a different tone. Apparently, people have begun to believe that red heads have no souls. That is not the case. They have souls until they sell them to high end brands. This isn’t just red heads though. Hair color has nothing to do with souls. Now a lot can be said about a red head depending on the shade. A light or carroty ginger is like the blonde’s less attractive sister. It’s cute on some people. It also gives you the stereo type of being a leprechaun or Irish. Being seen as Irish is fine. Leprechaun, maybe not the right thing to go for. Now a darker auburn has a similar tone to brunettes. But what about a just red head quality? I’ve noticed that red heads are often associated with magic. If you’re into that, go red.

Brunettes are seen as clever. Of course, being a brunette myself, there is nothing wrong with being seen as clever. Actually, a brunette wit is much appreciated, especially in dumb blonde jokes. Brunettes are applauded for their supposed intellect just as blondes are applauded for their supposed dimness. The best part about dying your hair to brunette or black is that the roots aren’t as noticeable as they would be going from brunette to blonde. So, if you’re a blonde and tired of being seen as stupid, go brunette. This works even better if you’re Asian. If you’re an Asian with dark hair, you are instantly viewed as geniuses. If you’re really not that smart, even though you’re a brunette, keep your mouth shut. If you say something stupid, it will shatter the illusion. No one will know you’re not that bright especially if they think you’re in some sort of deep and intellectual thought constantly. But again, intelligence doesn't really mean anything. 

Now, you do have those freaks that dye their hair blue, pink, and other various strange colors. Don’t go near them. Don’t associate with them. The only thing you can do is to stare. They obviously have severe issues and are probably drug addicts. This is what society says about them. If you want to succeed in society, don’t dye your hair strange colors. They are looking for attention. Don’t give them that satisfaction other than a stare. Society does not smile on those who dye their hair strange colors. They are the weird people, the strange, the outcasts. And we must remain with the normal people, the safe people, the healthy people. Don’t stray from the normal healthy people and you will be fine. 

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