Chapter 27

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Harry froze in his spot, the haze clouding his mind disappearing in the blink of an eye as he was left to make a decision that would most likely change everything; or maybe he was just over reacting. Louis was the one who was meant to be filled, whether it be constantly or in moderation. Louis was the person in their relationship who was supposed to be having things shoved up his ass, not Harry. Even though society had long since gotten over the gay/straight 'rules', they had silently made the rules between crossing the line; as a dominant and a submissive. Louis immediately recovered when he saw Harry's expression, worried he wouldn't be able to fix his mistake.

"I mean, I don't have to, of course. I was just making a suggestion-" Louis squeaked, hurrying to put himself in the submissive position; something he had grown to know kept Harry happy. Harry whined silently to himself, all pleasurable aftershock gone, and replaced by a stinging pain and a guilty feeling in his chest. He was making his submissive act like this, scaring him into his default position like a computer with too many viruses. Hurrying to stop Louis from shutting down, he grabbed the boy by his waist, pulling him up into a sitting position. He was shocked to see that his soul mate had fat tears rolling down his face, his small boy shaking with sobs.

"I'm sorry master, I'm so sorry. This was supposed to be about you, and I ruined it with my own selfish needs." He cried out, trying to untangle himself from his lovers arms.

Harry tried not to laugh at how distraught Louis sounded over not pleasuring his mate, knowing that this wasn't funny to the submissive. He had heard stories of when a sub was bad, how they were treated afterwards. They were normally either beaten, uncollared, or in worse cases; killed. The only time Louis had truly been bad was when he tried to uncollar himself, and Harry grimaced as he remembered what had happened then; he no longer wanted to laugh at the boy, but cry with him instead.

"Baby, it's okay. I completely understand; I mean, do you not feel me shoving a plug in your arse every time we have sex. It's natural instinct love, something you learned from me that your mind has adopted as normalcy, don't worry about it." He soothed, feeling the smaller boy calm down in his arms as he heard how calm the man was. Louis nodded against his chest after fully calming down, sniffling quietly.

"I love you, Harry," Louis said quietly, his stuffy nose making his voice slightly more high pitched than it already was, "do you love me?" He already knew the answer of course, but he could never be too sure with how much of a fuck up he felt he was at times.

"Of course I love you baby, and I always will." Harry whispered, tilting Louis' chin up and pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. "Now do you want to go pick up the evidence of my love for you?" Harry asked in a baby voice, licking the tip of Louis' nose teasingly. Louis giggled sweetly, tilting his chin down to hide his blush.

"Yes." Louis nodded, standing up and wiping his damp cheeks with the back of his slightly shaky hands. Grabbing one of Harry's giant sweaters and a pair of leggings, he slid on a pair of white lace panties and the rest of the clothes were thrown on afterwards. Harry did the same, with skin tight black jeans replacing the leggings; and walked with Louis out to their car. Opening the door for the small boy, he gestured to the seat sarcastically, and wiggled his eyebrows. Louis hopped inside, literally -the car was extremely tall for his size- and waited for Harry to walk around to his side and start off on the short journey to Liam and Niall's house; their fingers intertwined on the console.


Harry was sitting on the familiar couch in Liam and Niall's home, the one he slept on in his childhood when his parents would fight, and sat Louis down on his lap. He wrapped his arms around the boy and watched their children roll around on the ground with Theresa, gurgling occasionally.They hadn't seen each other very often since they were all very busy with their kids, but now that their kids were considered infants, instead of newborns, they were sleeping longer and giving their parents chances to have enough energy to do anything other than take care of them.

"I can't believe they're growing up so quickly." Liam cooed, leaning forward to pick up Tessa off the ground. He sat her on his lap and Niall reached his finger out, watching as she wrapped her tiny hand around the tip and her eyes rolled inwards so she was cross eyed. Her expression turned concentrated as her body fell forward slightly, and her lips attached around his finger.

"It feels funny." Niall giggled quietly, trying not to startle the baby. Liam stared at him with loving eyes, his cheeks a glowing red. He ran his fingers softly through the boys brown hair, the tips no longer blonde. Leaning down, Liam pressed a kiss to his soft hair and tugged at his ear gently with his bright white teeth.

"I think Tess is a hungry baby." Liam whispered as the baby detached herself.

"Oh! I'll go get some formula." Niall told him, unfolding his legs and standing up. He stretched like a cat, mewling loudly, and walking to the kitchen with a sway to his hips. Biting his lip, Liam shifted and adjusted himself in his jeans, slightly aroused at the thought of what he had slipped into the boy that morning.

"So, I'm guessing you want us to take the kids for you now?" Harry asked him him, kissing down Louis neck.

Liam sighed quietly, resisting the urge to palm himself as Niall walked back into the room with a warm bottle of milk in hand.



Liam moaned loudly, thrusting deeply into the familiar, tight hole. He had missed this feeling, the complete dominance that overwhelmed him as his common sense left out the window and the scent of arousal filled the air. Tying Niall's arms to the boards gave him the most exhilarating feeling, the way the boy struggled to try and touch him was something that made him release almost every time.

"Mmm, Daddy. Fuck me harder." Niall shouted from behind the bandana. Liam wrapped his hand around Niall's neck, and bit down onto his slightly prominant collar bone, pounding harder into the slick hole just as Niall asked.

"Fuuckkk," Niall whined, panting. "can I cum, Daddy?"

"Yes baby, cum for me." Liam growled, releasing his hot fluids deep into Niall. The shorter boy released shortly after, his cum shooting up across his stomach and hitting his chin. the dominant collapsed onto Nialls sticky body and rolled them over so that his full weight wasn't squishing him.

"I love you, Ni." Liam said quietly, rubbing Niall's stomach softly.

"Love you, Daddy."

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